Find Profit with a Consistent Vehicle Appraisal Process

Why Understanding Average Days on Lot is Key

Your dealership’s appraisal process ultimately determines the profit potential of each vehicle on your lot. If the car appraisal is wrong, you’re more likely to lose money on the sale. A reliable process in key for your dealership to optimize profit on every vehicle. Auto Appraisals Can Vary Appraisal variability is a common problem in […]

Why Understanding Average Days on Lot is Key

Why Understanding Average Days on Lot is Key

In the fast-paced and competitive world of car dealerships, metrics and data analysis play a crucial role in success. Understanding average days on lot stands out as one of the most significant indicators of a dealership’s efficiency and profitability. We’ll explain why understanding this metric is ESSENTIAL for car dealers, and how it can drive […]

Vehicle Retail Arbitrage: How to Buy & Sell Outside Your Local Market

Retail Arbitrage

Online car shoppers are disrupting pieces of the industry, but they have also opened whole new markets for the most savvy dealers. And with this, vehicle retail arbitrage is born. If you have a strategy for handling out-of-state online shoppers, that’s one piece of the puzzle. But are you buying out of state? Identifying better […]

Car Dealers Are Really Losing Money. Here’s What You Can Do To Prevent It

future-of-car-dealerships data analyst working on a computer

Just like anywhere else, businesses win some and lose some. Car dealerships are no exception. If you’re wondering how car dealers lose money, then read on. We have to reiterate that, yes, car dealers really lose money on deals, they can even lose a lot at times. That is, only if they don’t play their […]

Green Dealership: How to Make Your Car Dealer Environmentally Friendly


By 2030, the US’s greenhouse gas emissions may be cut in half. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make our dealerships green now. Below are some tips on how to transition to green dealership. Whether you believe in climate change or not, it still is necessary to keep our natural environment green and healthy. This […]