Recondition your way, but faster than ever.

Carketa’s customizable templates help you leverage industry best practices, while adding your own spin on things. Assign tasks to your team with just a click and decrease your days to market.

Keep your inventory flowing with easy handoffs.

Every task has an owner, and every team member knows what they’re responsible for. No finger-pointing, no micromanaging and no cars lingering in limbo.

Give your sales team the inventory knowledge they need.

Never overpromise a car that isn’t front-line ready or miss a sale because your team doesn’t know the inventory as well as you do. With Carketa, your whole operation can see a snapshot of your inventory and add notes, ask questions or leave comments on specific vehicles.

Supplement the data your DMS is missing.

Carketa’s Chrome browser extension surfaces your recon data and insights alongside your DMS data, giving you the best of both worlds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? We’ve got Answers.

Carketa Reconditioning standardizes your reconditioning steps to keep inventory flowing through your dealership. Use Carketa’s pre-populated templates based on industry best practices, or customize and build your own. At a glance, you’ll be able to monitor where every vehicle is in the reconditioning process and which vehicles are nearly ready for the front line.

Based on your DMS or manual input of inventory, Carketa Reconditioning takes every vehicle through every step of your reconditioning process. Whether you use external vendors or in-house techs to complete your work, Carkete

Reconditioning allows you to assign tasks to the right task owners, and even communicate specific requests within the platform. The process begins with a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle’s exterior and interior, as well as its mechanical and electrical systems. Any areas of the vehicle that require repair or replacement are identified by your team, and then Carketa Reconditioning begins, helping vehicles flow faster through the shop. Once all necessary repairs and updates have been completed, Carketa can help you take that vehicle straight from reconditioning to the front line with our Condition Reports and Sales Packets.

Carketa Reconditioning gives you all the flexibility you need to implement your own reconditioning checklist or build off one of ours. With pricing based off of your average monthly inventory, Carketa helps dealerships of all sizes get their inventory on the lot, inspected, reconditioned, listed, syndicated and sold faster. What truly sets Carketa apart is its all-in-one platform that does reconditioning and so much more.