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Growing a car dealership is tough work. Carketa’s experts, insights and commentary aim to make it just a little bit easier. Read on for tips to making your dealership more successful.

Why Understanding Average Days on Lot is Key

Find Profit with a Consistent Vehicle Appraisal Process

Your dealership’s appraisal process ultimately determines the profit potential of each vehicle on your lot. If the car appraisal is wrong, you’re more likely to lose money on the sale. A reliable process in key for your dealership to optimize profit on every vehicle. Auto Appraisals Can Vary Appraisal variability is a common problem in dealerships. Individuals often have different approaches to evaluating vehicle condition, purchase price, and recon costs.

Managing Your Used Car Dealership Team for Success

Managing a used car dealership requires a combination of effective leadership, teamwork, and customer-centric approach. In the fast-paced and competitive world of the automotive industry,