Is Norway Fast Becoming The World’s Biggest Electric Car Market? The Country Sales Look Like It Is

So what do you know about Norway? Apart from being a place where the Vikings originated, this Scandinavian is becoming the world’s biggest market for electric cars.

The Norwegian has proven yet again that the future is, indeed, electric (cars). This is according to a post by the New York Times. Case in point, the November car sales in the country show that electric cars are defeating fuel-powered ones. While some countries aim to ban gas-powered cars by 2030 and 2035, Norway is trying to go all-electric by 2025. That’s five years earlier than the rest. And, from the looks of it, they will be achieving that goal a little earlier.

Out of all the electric cars, here are last month’s most sellable in arguably the biggest electric car market in the world. Tesla tops them all with more than 1,013 units for the Model Y and 771 units for the Model 3. Next is Volkswagen ID.4 with 725 units. Audi got the fourth spot with 661 units while in the fifth place is the Nissan Lead with 655 units.

Although Norway is fast becoming the biggest electric car market in the world, many pointed out that it is not a good economic model. This is because the country is not the biggest market by population. In addition, the rise in sales is caused by government incentives only. Some experts, however, disagreed with this finding. The Norwegian market may be small but it did make a market correction by getting tax from gas-powered cars. Through this taxing, the market can find a way to let electric vehicles prevail as the better option while the EV market is fast growing.

Who knows, maybe in a few years, America will take lead as the world’s biggest electric car market. But, it may take some time for any country to step up on Norway’s game.

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