Will Your Car Be Affected By The 3G Shutdown Next Year? Most Probably.


The 3G network will shut down in the United States pretty soon. How can this affect your car? Immensely.

With the probability that your mobile phone might be running with a 5G technology, you may think this won’t affect you that much. But this might not be true with your used car, even if it’s only four or five years old. According to Make Use Of, the tech features of vehicles released in the last 10 years were developed using 3G. That’s thousands of cars that will be affected by the 3G shutdown.

Location data and navigation traffic features? Yep, they’re on 3G.

So, what happens to your car once the 3G tech shuts down? It simply means that most of these features will no longer work once telcos take the 3G off their systems. The solution here is to update the features to a more advanced “G”, but that would be a logistical and PR nightmare.

Check out this list of cars that would be affected by the 3G shutdown.

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