Track & ship your inventory in one platform.

Get the inventory transparency Carketa users love on your transported vehicles. Dealers can now buy and ship vehicles to their lot or offload inventory directly to consumers or wholesalers, all within Carketa.

Carketa +  ACERTUS — a powerful combination.

With ACERTUS’s carefully-vetted network of shippers connected to Carketa’s transparent & easy-to-use inventory platform, dealers get a more streamlined transport process so they can keep their inventory turning. No more questions about when vehicles are arriving – get the full picture and track it all in Carketa.

Don’t miss a beat getting your cars frontline ready.

Once your vehicles are in transit, Carketa’s platform lets dealers and teams communicate about the vehicle and set reminders so you can start your work as soon as it’s on the lot. Pre-assign a recon & inspection workflow to each shipped vehicle so no time is lost in the handoff.

Appraise with live market data and get a quote before you buy.

Knowing the full cost of shipping before you buy helps you protect your margin on every vehicle. Get the full picture with Carketa. Appraise vehicles you’re considering buying using our live market data, get a quote for the vehicle before you buy and get better insights into your real margin on the vehicle. Better buying decisions, every step of the way.