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Becoming a Carketa Inspection Station offers many benefits for growing your business. Establishing new partnerships with dealers while offering quality inspection reports will lead to increased traffic, traction, and revenue.

Benefits Of Becoming A Carketa Inspection Station

If you have a used car dealership that also has an inspection station, then becoming a Carketa Inspection partner can give you the results you wanted for your business. Become one of our esteemed inspection stations across the country. Take advantage of the benefits that come with being our partner station. Check out the benefits listed below.

Boost Credibility

Buying a car needs a lot of trust, especially when done online. We at Carketa are working extra hard to make your dealership more credible than ever. That’s why we have come up with the fuller, more detailed Vehicle Inspection Report so buyers can check inspected vehicles faster and more reliable. With our tool, buyers can now check the car online with trust in mind.

Raise Revenues

Who doesn’t want to increase their sales exponentially? As a car dealership, it’s a must-reach goal – we understand this. That’s why Carketa offers many ways to help you raise your sales income. We have our very own marketplace where we can place your pre-inspected vehicles. This way, we can make vehicles more visible to the public. And, being a certified Carketa Inspection Station, we can refer used cars near you for assessment. It’s a win-win situation.

Make Customers Stay

You have to work extra hard to lead customer traffic to your business. But that’s just half the battle. Making customers leave with a great impression is the ultimate goal. Loyal customers can help you with your business through word of mouth and recommendations. When you have Carketa as your inspection station partner, the tools and support we provide will help you leave a substantial impact on your customers. With Carketa, your customers are your potential friends.

Be Highlighted On Our Map

Carketa’s inspection station family is growing day after day. Our site visitors frequently check our Location Map when looking for either an inspection station or a car dealer nearby. By being a Carketa certified inspector, we will automatically pin your location on the map, so customers will know that you’re there.

Be ahead of the competition by becoming a certified Carketa Inspection partner today. Click the button to apply.