Shop your way, but with better data.

Access live market data on any website with Carketa’s browser extension. Just click the Carketa logo next to any VIN number to unlock percentage to market, rank and real-time market comps from every public retail listing.

Appraise trade-ins in seconds.

With a simple scan from the Carketa mobile app, understand the live market value of each vehicle and identify opportunities to turn it into cash faster.

No more manual entry.

Once you’ve acquired a vehicle, adding it to your inventory is as simple as a few taps or clicks. Give instant visibility to your entire team on whether that car is in transit, in recon or front-line ready.

Buy & sell in the right market.

With the most robust view of retail listings on the market, Carketa helps you identify wholesale opportunities across North America so you can take advantage of your market’s strengths.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? We’ve got Answers.

Carketa’s Appraisals feature helps you evaluate auction vehicles, trade-ins and any other potential inventory using live market data and vehicle history straight from your Carfax account. Appraise vehicles with a quick VIN scan using the Carketa mobile app or using data from your DMS.

Yes! With Carketa’s Chrome Extension, we will automatically identify any VIN as you browse your usual auction websites. Click on the Carketa logo next to the VIN and in the same window we’ll show you real market data of public listings, as well as Carfax reports on comps. Evaluate cars easily and save them to your Carketa inventory in a few clicks.

Using the Carketa mobile app, you can quickly scan the VIN of any trade-in to view comparable vehicles and make the best offer – maximize your profits by understanding your margins, how quickly similar cars are selling and whether a wholesale opportunity may be your best bet.
Carketa leverages live market data of 20 million + vehicles across North America to give you real-time data. We believe that live market data is key to helping dealers make the best appraisal and pricing decisions.