Better data to drive your decisions.

With live market data and comps from tens of thousands of dealerships across North America, you stay ahead of the market and squeeze more profit out of every deal.

  • Automatically identify & map your closest comps
  • Instantly see your market rank and percentage
  • Access Carfax reports and live listings in just one click

Empower your sales team to price like you would.

Whether you like to stay at 90% of market or have a discount floor with no wiggle room, your entire sales team has the tools they need to make more on every deal and update pricing as needed.

Buy low, sell higher.

Carketa surfaces historical data so you can see instantly when a vehicle’s price is on the rise or starting to slip. Time the market and increase profits.

Carfax data on every comp.

Not every comp is created equal, and Carketa knows that. Sort comps based on Carfax history, price, mileage, distance, color or days on market. All the data you need to make pricing decisions with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? We’ve got Answers.

Using Carketa’s live market data of 20 million+ listings across North America, Carketa’s unique pricing tool helps you execute your pricing strategy with ease. Easily see where your price compares with the rest of the market before listing your vehicles for sale, and stay on top of the oldest inventory on your lot so you can price to sell or evaluate wholesale opportunities.

Carketa leverages millions of public listings available on websites across North America for both new and used vehicles. Carketa captures historical data as well to get you the best comps to price and appraise vehicles. All the data you need in one spot, alongside Carfax vehicle history reports.

Yes! Carketa’s search radius can be adjusted to suit your needs. Looking to sell online and possibly transport a vehicle to a different location? We can help you search comps in those markets to deliver your best price and help you get more profit out of each deal.

You know how to sell best in your market. Whether you like to be just below market value, the lowest price in your area or if you vary your strategy for internet pricing vs. in-house, we have you covered. Carketa’s pricing tool, combined with your best practices, helps you monitor your inventory and adjust prices easily. Manage who can change prices easily and quickly in the Settings menu by adjusting permissions depending on role.