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“I can recall how troublesome buying used car was back in the day. It’s pretty much like playing the lottery; sometimes it’s a hit, most of the time there’s going to be a problem with your car. Or even two. Thanks to Carketa, I spared myself from taking trips to the mechanic more than five times just to see if the vehicle is okay to buy or not. And it’s incredibly easy; if it has a Carketa Report, you’d know it’s a great car. I just wish that Carketa existed way back then. It’s the used car market you will ever need.”

— Keith J.

“What I like about Carketa is that it values transparency and honesty. The trouble with buying a used car, especially those from private sellers, is that it’s hard to trust the transaction. Below that, there’s the dealing with dealers and salesmen who can be dishonest. But buying through Carketa takes away the worries from the used car buying experience. And Carketa is basically online, making it the ideal used car market for our online buying age – everything is just a click away. I’d be more than happy to recommend Carketa to all my friends.”

— Marvin R.

“You know, I live a few hours from the bigger metro area. When it comes to used car dealers, there’s not much to see from where I am. There’s simply no used car market here. To have better options, I have to drive hours and hours just to see the car and have it inspected. Luckily, there’s Carketa, which is the faster way to shop cars near me. Their information is much more accurate than CarFax because the data show the current state of the vehicles. With Carketa, I can save money and time just to see used cars with outdated information.”

— Lester D.

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“Know the condition of the vehicle before you leave your house.”

Carketa’s condition reports have been a MUST given the times we are in. They have really given us an upper hand selling online! The integration with the reconditioning tool has been awesome, it makes communication between teams seamless and highlights the hard work we put in while reconditioning our inventory.

– Cole Zorn, Sales, NexGen