About Carketa

With our in-depth car inspections, you will never have to leave your house again without knowing the condition of the vehicle you are looking at online.

Carketa History Report

Every Carketa vehicle undergoes an in-depth title search to clearly identify the vehicle title status, and report whether the vehicle is a clean title or a branded title. If the Vehicle is a branded title we clearly identify the type of brand and the reasons why the vehicle became a branded title.
A vehicle mileage check is issued to verify the miles displayed on the vehicle are the actual miles and no fraud has been committed. We also let you know information such as Vehicle Original MSRP, Previous owners, vehicle EPA Rating and more.

200 Point Mechanical Car Inspections

Our mission for Carketa  revolves around transparency. We believe every customer deserves peace of mind when buying a used vehicle. Our pre-purchased car inspections have been carefully crafted to provide in-depth and accurate information on every vehicle we inspect.
With over 60 inspection categories and 200 points of inspection performed on every Carketa vehicle, you can know exactly what’s under the hood when buying your next used vehicle. Our comprehensive 3rd party inspection protects customers from hidden or overlooked information, providing for a stress-free car buying experience. We understand how overwhelming a car buying experience can be; let Carketa take the guesswork out of it.

Vehicle Value Guide

Carketa takes comparable real time market data to drive the most intuitive and accurate vehicle valuations on the market. We search the internet to find the most comparable vehicles based on year, make, model, trim, and miles.
These sold vehicles are used to determine what a below market, market average, and above market average price should be for that specific vehicle.

Carketa is the New Standard of Used Cars

Start shopping vehicles from the comfort of your home. Imagine how nice it would be to have all the information about the vehicle before you left your house. Carketa makes that possible by bringing you all the information needed to give you the advantage while car shopping. Using our car reports, you can be the EXPERT!

Become the Car buying EXPERT

View or Simply Request a Carketa report from our Market Place. Visit the Carketa App website for more details.
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