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Our mission at Carketa revolves around transparency, because every customer deserves peace of mind when buying a used vehicle. Our pre-purchased reports have been carefully crafted to provide in-depth and accurate information on every vehicle we inspect. Over 60 inspection categories and 200 points of inspection are performed on every Carketa Inspected vehicle. 

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The CARKETA Checks for ...


Vehicle Overview

  • Pass or Failed Safety Inspection
  • Pass Or Failed Emission Inspection
  • Tire Tred Depth Diagram
  • Vehicle Warning Lights
  • List of Passed or Failed categories
  • Location Vehicle was last inspected
  • Vehicle History Report
  • Vehicle Title Check
  • Odometer Check

Carketa Grade

The Carketa Grade is assigned to every vehicle that has a Carketa Report. Our grading system is an algorithm-based score given to each vehicle based on the current condition found in the report. Partnered dealers are going above and beyond by getting their vehicles inspected by Carketa Certified Technicians. Our comprehensive checklists, vehicle inspections, and the overall grade will ensure transparency with easy-to-understand information for buyers. The type of title is not factored into the Carketa Grade. Carketa was developed to help buyers, like you, make an educated car buying decision with less effort.

Over 200 Points of Vehicle Inspection

  • Checked and OK
  • Fixed or Replaced
  • May Require Attention Soon
  • Requires Immediate Attention
Performed and overscene by ASE Certified Mechanics (Learn More)