Some Things You May Want To Know About The NIADA 2021

Two more days and the best dealers from all the corners of the United States are coming to San Antonio, TX for NIADA 2021!

Like most conventions, the NIADA 2021 is an excellent place for independent dealerships and people from the automotive industry to learn and network. Before the convention starts, here is some info you may want to know about the NIADA 2021.

It’s NIADA’s 75th Anniversary

This year marks the association’s diamond anniversary, and the convention is going all out this year. NIADA back in 1946 to serve as the representing body for used car dealers in the country. Today, NIADA is the biggest and the only non-profit organization for independent dealers in the industry at a national level. They currently serve more than 38,000 dealers. Although NIADA was founded in Chicago, its current headquarters is located in Arlington, TX.

From Las Vegas To San Antonio

The NIADA Convention usually happens in Vegas. It’s also always scheduled during June. But due to the pandemic, the NIADA Board of Directors had to push the schedule to August to ensure everyone’s safety. So why the move to San Antonio? Las Vegas is packed this month, and there are no function halls that NIADA prefers. So since San Antonio had an available location, they had to move it there.

Who’s Going To Be There

For this year’s NIADA convention, there will be 60 speakers you can choose from. But one of the most notable speakers who will be there is Michael Irvin. A former football player – and a Hall of Famer at that – Irvin will be a featured speaker presented by ACV Auctions. In addition, as a featured sponsor, Carketa‘s very own Brady Thurgood is also a speaker at the event. He will be talking about how Carketa and the CPO can build value in your vehicles.

Planning to go to NIADA but don’t have the ticket yet? Then, you’re in the right place! Click the link to register for NIADA and use the NIADA2021 code to slash a $150 off ticket. See you there!

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