How Do You Succeed In The Automotive Industry? Skills To Become An Automotive Leader

Do you want to become an automotive leader? Perhaps you’ve asked yourself, “How do you succeed in the automotive industry?” This post will show you the right mindset and skills to achieve this goal.

According to an article by Spencer Stuart, European automotive leaders found ways to succeed in the automotive industry in recent years. Their willingness to adapt to new industry changes and rules made them successful even to this day. However, with that said, they’re also aware of some consequences. One of which is the people’s hanged views on automotive success. But back in America, how do you succeed in the automotive industry? This blog post lists the five qualities and skills one should have to thrive in this industry.

The automotive industry is one of the most extensive business circles in America. Automakers employ thousands of people in just one location alone; imagine if they have 20 locations. On the other hand, many car dealerships have at least 15 to 20 employees under their management. Businesses in the automotive industry also create and sell products that are not only needed by the majority but also affect how they dispense money. 

But just because the automotive industry is huge doesn’t mean you cannot succeed. So don’t worry about competition and brutal battles in the marketing and sales area; all you need are some pivotal factors and skillset. This way, you can ensure you’ll profit from it for a very long time.

Hands-on Approach To Leadership

Some people mistake hands-on leadership for micromanaging. But that is far from it. So, what is hands-on leadership, and how can it help people succeed in the automotive industry? According to author Henry Mintz, this type of leadership means remaining reflective while remaining in the fray. As a leader, you should lead and be more present to your staff. While you envision business and management ideas for your business, you should provide coaching and one-on-one feedback to your employees. Lastly, you should also be open to employee feedback and concerns.

This leadership approach is essential to every business in the automotive industry, particularly in car dealerships. As we already know, selling cars is not just a one-minute transaction. Every car salesperson must know the make, model, year, and features. Car technicians? They should know more and better, too. This is where the hands-on approach to leadership comes in. First, as a leader, you must give training programs to new hires in the automotive industry. After that, you must evaluate their performance in the lot and give feedback when necessary.

When you make this approach correctly, you can train competitive people to help you run your business. In return, your car dealership may grow and have several branches, no matter how big or small. All these while maintaining an employee-friendly culture and work environment where people can learn how to create sales and run the business independently. But, of course, with your “watchful” eye as well.

Paying Attention to the Business

Focus is the most underrated skill in business. Focus, or paying attention, is the ability to be keen on details that will help business processes work. Leaders also need to stay focused, which can help time and effort be spent on work. Focus helps anyone finish a critical report that includes relevant data and analysis while on crunch time. No matter how tired, hungry, or “not in the mood” you are, being laser-eye on your current goal helps you finish on time.

Every business owner needs more focus now than ever. Why? Because distraction is everywhere and very available. You might want something done in an hour. Still, your social media notification always diverts you from what you’re supposed to do. In addition, your phone is just a few inches away from you, so checking it can be tempting. Therefore, it takes a lot of willpower AND focus not to reach your phone and scroll down for the latest feed.

As mentioned earlier, focus is needed to succeed in the automotive industry but is also underrated. Many businesses talk more about team culture, motivation, and stress, to name a few. However, only a few industry leaders talk about focus, which needs to be clarified because this is one key to becoming productive. As a prospective leader who wants to succeed in the automotive industry, you should advocate more on work focus. Provide workshops on how your employees can stay alert when doing sales or handling diagnostics. Help avoid distraction by allowing using of phones at certain times.

Becoming “Techie”

Technology is vital for a business to succeed in the automotive industry. To become a leader in the car business world, one must be tech-savvy, especially today. In all seriousness, take a good look around you. Our world is not what we’re used to 20 or 30 years ago. Technology has changed the way we do business – mainly for good. In addition, it also changed the way people shop. That said, becoming a “techie” is an important skill every leader should have, especially in the auto industry.

For starters, car dealerships with the most advanced equipment in the service department work much faster and more flexibly. And when your people work faster and more intelligently, they can tend to more customers in a day. With this alone, you can generate much income in just one month. Another example is that most cars (if not all) have hundreds of microprocessors to keep their features functioning. As a leader, you may have little to no knowledge of how these microchips work. In that case, you will have difficulty finding a remedy to the problems it may face.

But we’re not just talking about heavy car repair pieces of equipment. To succeed in the automotive industry, you must also be tech-savvy regarding computers and software. Make every transaction faster by equipping your staff with computers and software for streamlined and faster processes. A car recon tool, for example, can help you check on every car’s recon process and when it will be available in the market.

To Succeed In The Automotive Industry, A Leader Must Be Motivational

Motivation is one of the key components in business that can drive someone to reach their goal. It is part of human existence; therefore, this is something that a leader in the automotive industry should have. But getting motivated can get tricky, especially with all the distractions around us, both tangible and non-tangible (see above on social media). So, how can one become a motivating figure in a car dealership? If you have more than ten people helping you with your dealership, how can you motivate all of them to allow you and themselves to grow?

Evidence shows that car dealerships that have become successful are nurturing a motivational team culture and work environment. Some studies have found that dealerships with motivated employees tend to have 21% more profitability, around 40% fewer absences, and a more than 50% decrease in employee churn. So now the question is, where do you start motivating your employees to improve their work? If your answer is money, there’s a hint of truth. But there’s more to happiness and a successful career than monetary compensation.

Here are four ways to motivate your dealership employees

Communication: There’s not a single problem that communication can’t fix. You are to face at least one opportunity to communicate throughout the workday. When they have questions, you should be able to answer them directly.

Setting Expectations: Setting expectations can eradicate or at least minimize confusion and increase the chances of employees being more explicit about the objectives. When they know what to expect, they will surely know what to do to succeed.

Coaching: We all know that training is integral to any business organization’s success. However, there is a difference between teaching and showing what to do. The latter, basically coaching, inspires people to take responsibility and improve their performance over time.

Providing Needs: Knowing what your employees need and understanding them is essential in increasing the productivity and morale of your company. When they know they will get what they need to succeed, it will keep them motivated. Moreover, it will make them stay.

Hope These Skills Can Help You Succeed In The Automotive Industry

No matter how “cutthroat” the automotive industry is, you can still be ahead of everyone with the right skills and mindset. Following these tips will lead you two steps ahead of your competitors. And if you need help making your car dealership digital, use software that treats your business like a best friend. Click on the link to learn how.

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