Yes, the Apple Car is No Longer a Myth, According to Hyundai

apple-car-hyundai very soon!

Attention, all Apple fans out there! In the near future, not only will you carry your Apple device around – your apple device will carry you around to and from your desired locations! That’s because Hyundai announced that they, together with a number of car manufacturers, are bidding to create the Apple electric car.

This information came from the best source – Hyundai. The Korean automotive company, however, may have gotten a little too excited to spread the news. The announcement came in so fast that the lawyers from Apple asked them to retract this vital information. Too late for that; the word’s already out.

“We understand that Apple is in discussion with a variety of global automakers, including Hyundai Motor,” a representative from Hyundai stated, according to this UPI report. “As the discussion is at its early stage, nothing has been decided.”

Retracted as it may be, it’s already a great indication that Hyundai will be one of Apple’s many potential partners in creating their first automobile. The statement subliminally confirms that the Apple Car (or iCar, or whatever they may call it in the future) isn’t a myth and could become a reality very soon.

So Why Backpedal The Hyundai Apple Car Info?

Naturally, when something is not yet final, it’s a common practice to keep things under wraps. Also, it’s quite apparent that the Cupertino-based company doesn’t like to put their suppliers on blast. In fact, it is reported that Corning, their supplier for their iPhone’s Gorilla Glass, hasn’t mentioned the tech giant brand since 2008.

“I have to tell you that it feels not quite right to use Apple’s name out loud,” the CEO of Corning told CNBC last October. “I still don’t think I’ve ever done that. Inside the company, we have a codename for Apple, we never even say ‘Apple’ inside the company.”

A Seven-Year Plan

Before this Hyundai Apple Car spill-off, the tech company already had their automotive pet project in mind since 2014. Dubbed as “Project Titan”, the company has already begun working on its electric vehicle creation. For this project, Apple hired 1,000 employees to develop the design in a hidden location inside their headquarters.

However, the plans were placed on the back burner for many years due to internal and leadership issues, among others. However, 2021 may give us the first glimpse at a possible production version Apple Car.

Although no one has widely spoken about it yet, the “Hyundai” Apple Car is set to compete with Tesla’s electric vehicle range. Though that should go without saying. Apple hired Jamie Carlson, the former Autopilot Team leader at Tesla, and Chris Porritt, Tesla’s former vice-president of the engineering department, to help them develop their own set of vehicles.

(A Long) Way To Go!

Apple fans may be more excited about the Apple Car release than the company’s first smart glass. Still, they have many roadblocks to dodge to topple Tesla off from its peak position.

First off, the now Austin-based company has already established themselves as the leading company in innovating electric mobility. Second, the features and specs of Tesla’s vehicles are, so far, hard to knock out. Apple needs to develop better features as they’re a bit late in the electric vehicles game. Lastly, without the charismatic Steve Jobs, they don’t have the “face” to accompany their product presentations, like Elon Musk.

However, with a strong fan base and money to burn, the Apple Car may be able to get its way to the top with ease.

So who’s excited for the Apple Car, Hyundai or otherwise?

What would be the features and specs? We will just have to wait and see.

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