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More than five months ago, Facebook is rebranding into Meta. Thus, many businesses, including car dealerships, are asking the question: Will the new Meta affect digital marketing?

Nowadays, businesses have a slim chance of becoming successful nowadays when they don’t apply digital marketing to their daily function. Digital marketing, once done correctly, can help any business target audience, funnel down leads, and earn profit in the end. One of the most effective digital marketing tools is Facebook. This social media giant helps boost business exposure while helping more in connecting to customers and leads. However, after more than two decades of being the top social media platform, Facebook recently announced its Meta rebranding. It’s been a couple of months since the announcement, but businesses are still anticipating. How will the new meta affect digital marketing?


This is true, especially in the car dealership industry. Most of us are also nervous as to what changes the Facebook-to-Meta phase will impact our online marketing efforts. In this post, we are going to tackle mostly what Meta is. We also include what are the changes to expect and will the Meta affect digital marketing for dealerships.

What Is Meta? Is It The New Name For Facebook?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg initiated Meta to the world at a conference back in October. In his announcement, he described Meta as an inclusive brand that offers several helpful apps and technologies. These features are all available in one single platform. Meta will still function like Facebook in the sense that it helps connect people globally, find groups of similar interests, and create business opportunities. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp will now be considered as part of the “Metaverse”. But with the new brand, you can do all these plus some other features (we’ll talk about it later.

However, the highlight that most people are talking about is Meta allows people and businesses to take advantage of 3D technology. Although the 3D changes have been slow-paced, the reception to it has never been lukewarm. As of writing, Facebook already introduced 3D avatars to Instagram and direct messages. But these are not just any avatars, as they come with many features. Some of the features are assistive devices so they can be more inclusive to people with disabilities.

As mentioned, the Meta is still starting. Needless to say, the features don’t stop there. The company is still on track to grow and update its next batches of social technologies that aim to connect people and businesses online.

What Changes Should Dealerships Expect To Digital Marketing

We are all used to knowing Facebook owns Instagram and Whatsapp. Now, it is Meta OWNS Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp, among other apps and software. And the next thing you’ll know, Facebook has become bigger than being a social media network. Rather, it’s going to be a part of a larger platform that’s aiming to revolutionize the way we connect and conduct business.

For all the dealerships and businesses out there, this is something that should not be feared, although things to anticipate are still vague even up to this point. But from what we gathered, here is something to look forward to; businesses will have a more virtual feel. This 3D technology will help companies enhance their businesses, from creating your own virtual stores to creating virtual meetings and events.

Will The Changes Affect The Digital Marketing For Dealerships?

As we mentioned, Zuckerberg introduced the Meta idea roughly five months ago. Thus, the evolution is still at its beginning stage. But if businesses and car dealerships are still wanting to know if the shift in the company will affect their digital marketing, the answer is no. For sure. Although Facebook now belongs to the Met umbrella, the network, as well as Instagram and Whatsapp will remain the same. Therefore, ads and other marketing tools will be exactly like the ones we’re using now, but will only carry the Meta name.

But if there’s something to look forward to, the things that would affect the digital marketing landscape will be nothing but for the better. So the takeaway here is that for dealerships to progress, they need to adapt to virtual reality beginning today. Read more on the topic so that when the 3D tech is going to be in full bloom, the business can really take the benefits of this kind of marketing.

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