What Is A Vehicle Condition Report? Why Is It Important To Car Buyers?

What is a vehicle condition report? You may not have heard of the term before, but it’s becoming a standard today in every vehicle purchase.

Yes, we have come down to the world of yesterday’s dream. Ever since technology took over the world, the improvement hasn’t stopped a bit. Thus, we have a digital solution to practically everyday problems we encounter in life. Need a lift? Open the Uber app. Want to eat some food? Order food from Doordash. Do you want to shop for something and you don’t want to go to the mall? There’s Amazon to take care of it for you.

And car dealership technology doesn’t want to get left behind, as it starts to move into the digital world. Thought the progress may be slow, but it is reassuring.

Even though most car sales still happen at the dealership, car buyers check the Internet first before buying. According to Google/comScore, 95% of car buyers use an online source to gather vehicle information.

So what does it mean for you as a car dealership? Since a digital shift is inevitable, you need to prepare for the surge of customers looking for cars online.


Buying cars online is not a foreign concept, but there are underlying issues and problems that come with it. Therefore, you have to look for a way to attract car buyers online and make them feel secure after a purchase. And how to do that? That’s where the vehicle condition report comes in.

In this blog post, we are going to talk about what a vehicle condition report is. We will also talk about the importance of the reports to both dealerships and buyers. Read on to know how to get one and use it to your advantage.

The Perils Of Shopping Cars Online Through A Private Seller

use a vehicle condition report to avoid sketchy deals

We can practically shop everything online. And we mean everything, even vehicles.

Shopping cars online has brought a lot of advantages for buyers. But with the good, so is the bad. There are a couple of drawbacks, and knowing these red flags is important before dealing with anyone. Otherwise, you can potentially lose a lot of time, money, temper, and hair in the process.

No Warranty Included

For one, you won’t have the option to get a warranty when you buy vehicles for sale online – something that dealerships can provide. Furthermore, you’re only buying a car “as is”, which means sellers can be protected by the law when you found out that your vehicle is a “lemon”.

When you’re buying a car from a private seller, you have to secure your own financing. Not only that, buying a car from a private seller online won’t be able to give you any leasing options as opposed to buying from a reputable car dealership.

Hard To Personally Check The Car

If you’re planning to buy a car online, you won’t be able to test a lot of vehicles before purchasing. And if the vehicle is coming from a different state, you will have a hard time to visit it and check its status. The solution to that is to hire a mechanic from the locale and have it checked by them. But that would be costly. And if the mechanic shortcuts his job, you may never get the car’s complete information.

And these are just some of the dangerous disadvantages you may experience when you buy a car online from a private seller. We understand that there’s a certain risk when you try to purchase a vehicle through the Internet. And we also understand why people may opt to buy cars the easy way. To meet halfway, we suggest taking a look at the vehicle condition report first. But what is it really?

What Is A Vehicle Condition Report

A vehicle condition report is a set of documents – can be both hard or soft copy – where you will find complete information of a specific vehicle. In the report, you will see what the vehicle’s main conditions are, its history and other vital information car buyers should know. Below are some information you may find in a condition report:

Mechanical Condition

This is the part of the vehicle condition report where you will read the entire overview of the car you’re checking. Here you will find the complete rundown of the vehicle, its specifications, and the critical inspection report. The inspection reports cover virtually everything about the car, from the parts that are still in excellent shape to those that need repair or improvement.

History Report

The history report is just as important and is perhaps the most checked part of any vehicle condition report. In the history report, you will find the status of the vehicle’s title (whether it’s clean, salvaged, or reconstructed), title checks, and odometer status, among others. Even though the information provided is accurate, the data gathered comes from a third-party vehicle history service. This means that sometimes there may be inaccuracies. The dealership who provides the history reports has no control over that.

Vehicle Value Guide

The market value guide is the part of the report where you’ll see the vehicle’s average price in the market. Most value guides have three parts: the below market, the average market, and the above market. Reports determine the estimates by gathering the average prices of sold vehicles between a particular time. It also includes the average mileage.

Why Is It Important?

So what’s the importance of vehicle condition report? What are its functions when buying a used vehicle online?

It is mostly to protect buyers from choosing the wrong vehicle to buy. Sometimes, when you do car shopping online, you may find that all the used cars look perfect – they all look brand new most of the time. But, sometimes, it can look too good to be true, especially when you check a sketchy person’s listing. The vehicle condition report then supplies the vehicle information that a buyer should know.

Time And Money Is Gold

Vehicle reports can also save you time and money. Back in the day, you need to go to the dealership to check the vehicle for yourself. That is if you have done your research. If not, you have to go through several cars and check them one by one. And it would help if you spent at least an hour on average to check a vehicle. So if you have to check five cars, that’s five hours spent at the very least.

And when you have no time to check on the vehicle, the next best thing is to hire an expert mechanic to do the job for you. A mechanic is more knowledgeable about checking vehicles, so you’d have an accurate report within a day or two. Although it may save you time, hiring a mechanic costs money.

To save you time and money, you can look at a vehicle condition report. It’s available to most car dealerships online, and you don’t need to wait for days to get a result. A vehicle condition report is complete with all the information you need to help you decide whether to buy the vehicle or not.

In Conclusion

And that is what a vehicle condition report is. These are the reasons you should look at one before buying a vehicle online. Bottom line, a vehicle condition report helps you come up with the decision to purchase or not. Sometimes you have to pay for it, but some websites can provide vehicle condition reports for free. Click on the link if you want to look at vehicles and their accompanying condition reports. If you own a car dealership and looking for a reconditioning tool to check on your cars, click here.

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