General Motors Kentucky Assembly Plant Stops Production After Tornado Damage

General Motors (GM) had to stop their production in the meantime due to the recent tornado storm.

General Motors plant, located in Bowling Green Kentucky, needed some time to restore their production. The tornado hit the plant, causing a fire in some of the areas. Reports stated that this tornado storm is one of the strongest in recent history. One of the productions that the company had to halt included the Corvette Stingrays.

As of writing, there’s already an ongoing repair in the plant. Repairs start with the roof and the employee entrance. According to Road and Track, the plant had to cancel the first and second shifts to give more time for the repair. The cancellations of both shifts will continue until the facility meets its code standards.

This is not the first time General Motors halted its production. Most auto companies (if not all) had to slow down or stop production due to the COVID-19 pandemic. General Motors have not confirmed yet when they will resume operations. However, some already speculated that they will finish within a week or on December 20th. The American carmaker is set to provide an update within the coming days.

Apart from Kentucky, several other Southern and Midwestern states are also damaged by the tornado. Reports stated that more than 90 people died in the storm, and several towns flattened. And although their Bowling Green plant has some damages, General Motors still played Santa. The company handed off a $1 million donation to the American Red Cross. The said donation is for the victims of the tornado storm that tore up several states. These states are Indiana, Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Tennessee.

The plant managers of the General Motors Bowling Green plant also pair up with organizations in the Kentucky area. This is for them to determine how the employees can help the community.

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