Creative Ways To Sell More Cars

Want to increase your sales month after month? Here are some creative ways to sell more cars.

Cars are becoming hi-tech and sophisticated, model release after model release. But no matter how many state-of-the-art used cars you have, if you won’t be able to sell them, they won’t generate profit. And with the current “health” situation are experiencing, it’s been tough even for carmakers to sell nowadays. But that doesn’t mean that your dealership has to share the same fate. In fact, millions of cars are sold each year. You just need to find more creative ways to sell more cars.

We know that there are so many articles and blog posts out there about creative ways to sell more cars. But some of them write the same things. Responsive website, social media, emails, you name it. Yes, all these are effective, but it’s already used by a lot of car dealerships. That’s why you need to be creative to stand out even more and sell more cars in the process. Not all dealerships need to follow all these creative ways to sell more cars. But, you can follow one or two of these tips and everything can follow once you find them effective for your business.

Go The Extra Mile Through Software And Apps

One thing we’ve discovered is that a lot of car dealerships are still using the traditional way of keeping records. We’re talking about sheets, paper documents, and even personal checking at the service and recon station. Although these are still effective, they are time-consuming and costly. And with all other types of business, time is of the essence. You can serve better and faster through the help of automotive software and apps. There are a couple of apps out there that can help, for sure. But not all of them are built to help dealerships in particular.

Now, what apps and software you should look out for? The very first app to use is the one that can minimize the time you usually spend on the processes. A car reconditioning software can help you cut the recon process in half and you would be able to do other, more important things. Another app is the car valuation tool which will help dealerships determine the fairest vehicle price in the market.

Don’t Push. Focus More On Assisting

Arguably, this is not the most creative way to sell more cars. But this is essential to follow as customers get turned off easily because salespeople don’t practice this. In an ideal world, those who come inside your dealership should get out with a purchased vehicle. However, there is a certain percentage of your customers end up buying nothing. Some of them are only there to browse, test drive, or compare vehicles with other dealerships.

Be that as it may, you need not be pushy to get sales. You can always assist customers, engage with them if they have questions, and provide more information about the vehicle. If you can sense that they are not going to buy the vehicle, be courteous and give them a business card. That way, they can easily recall your dealership and they can come back to you once they’re ready to purchase a vehicle.

Focused On Marketing Used Cars

This may be seasonal, but as they say, strike while the iron is hot. The pandemic has indeed shifted the way dealerships sell cars. Due to the microchip shortage, car manufacturers all over the world have to minimize their production. Some even had to stop producing specific models. And because of this shortage, fewer new cars are out for sale in the market – plus, the prices of new cars went up.

With that said, it’s high time for car dealerships to make their used inventory the star of the show. With people trying to budget, they will look for used cars because they are more affordable. So how to market used cars? It’s pretty much the same with the way you market your dealership. Only that, you can highlight the benefits of getting a used car. But, don’t put the new cars aside, only make the used ones shine out more because they’re more sellable at the moment. A used car marketplace can also help you get more customers.

Consider Chat Support

As online marketing gets bigger, more customers say they prefer to interact with the business through chat support channels. No matter if the chat support is over social media or your dealership website, customers engage more through this way. And why is that? That is because chat support is faster, more convenient, and more structured. Thus, this improved the way we transact business.

If you consider getting chat support for your dealership, you have two options. You can either get a live customer chat or a chatbot. When you get a live customer chat, it would be a great way to be more personal with customers. In addition, this is a great way to use employees’ time. However, customers may feel the replies are detached and some chat support software may not work on mobile platforms.

On the other hand, chatbots can save you time and money. But they can also get faulty at times and they can be more impersonal than live chat support. That’s why it’s always essential to weigh the pros and cons of both and go with the one you think can benefit your business.

Never Be Afraid To Ask For Reviews

Some dealers may think or feel that asking for reviews is somewhat humiliating and mortifying. This shouldn’t be the case. Both online shoppers and businesses who have been asking for reviews know this. Online reviews help boost your dealership’s image. On top of that, it helps with your website’s SEO, strengthen’s your credibility, and better ways to sell more cars.

But, you don’t have to ask for reviews right then and there. Just like anything else, asking for reviews is science itself. You need to know when should be the best time to ask, especially for a long-term product like cars. By determining the best time and way to ask for a review, you would be able to get more reviews.

In Conclusion

There are many creative ways to sell more cars. However, not all ways will be effective for all dealerships. The main goal to have here is to attract more leads to your dealership’s door. And through these tips, you might be able to reach that goal in no time, even with just one of those. Contact us today if you want to learn more about how to sell more cars in less time.

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