Wax Vs Sealant: What’s The Difference? When to Use What?

There are two types of car people in the world: the wax people and the sealant people. And when it comes to car care, it always boils down to wax vs sealant. But is there even a war between the two? Short answer: No. Not at all. The use of either of the two solely depends on one’s preference.

Car care has increased its production in the market. It shows by the vast array of car care options available in the market today. But these car products have one aim – to make the beauty and elegance of any car last for a long time. And the two variants, wax and sealants, both do a pretty good job of doing that. So what’s the difference between these two entities? That’s what we’re going to describe in this article. Also, we add each of their pros and cons as well as when should you use what. If you want to know the difference, do read on.

wax vs sealant

On the Left Corner: Wax

Car wax is made of carnauba wax. Car owners use this product to give the car that warm, intense glow. Since car paint doesn’t absorb the wax, it leaves the car looking like brand new all the time. When it’s applied in a darker color, it makes the paint give out more intensity. When applied in a warm or loud color, the color becomes more vibrant than usual.

Pros – Carnauba wax is water-resistant, so it doesn’t come off that easy even when it rains hard. Most importantly, carnauba wax is a product of nature. So you need not to worry if the chemicals affect the car paint in the long run; you can use it worry-free.

Cons – Car wax is not as durable as anyone would want it to be. And even though it’s waterproof, it can’t stand too much heat for long. As a result, you have to keep on checking your car needs some reapplying. Moreover, wax doesn’t keep up well with some detergents and soaps.

wax vs sealant

On The Right Corner: Sealant

Sealants’ main goal is to protect the paint and your car and not so much in providing a bolder color. Still, the “side effects” make your car look glossier than average. And because sealants are laboratory-created, expect that they are made to last. Most sealants give out that ceramic-like finish to your car, giving that delicate look that’s definitely worth a king’s ransom.

Pros – It protects and still gives out that shiny, and reflective property, though not as shiny and vibrant as a car wax can. So if you’re aiming for a shinier look than a glowing one, then sealant is the one you should use. Many car owners and collectors alike prefer this to the other.

Cons – While it gives out that reflective shine, it magnifies imperfections. So if you have minor cracks on your car’s surface, paint sealants make it look more distinct than when applied with a wax. Also, it takes much preparation to use. It also doesn’t remove that easy. So if you got bored with the look and want to resort back to using wax, you need a special soap for that. But even so, in most cases, it doesn’t come off in the first wash. 

Wax Vs Sealant: When To Use What?

Somewhere along there, we already have mentioned when to use car wax and when to use sealant. Use car wax if you want to make your car for aesthetics and sealant if you want more car paint protection. But you don’t necessarily have to buy the wax vs sealant game. Some enthusiasts use both for that optimum style and buffer. And for amazing, looking-good-as-new used cars in Orem, UT that are for sale, click on the link.

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