Comprehensive inspections every single time.

With customizable templates, match the right inspection type to each vehicle. Select from flows aligned to vehicle type, your Certified Pre-Owned program or even your unique appraisal strategy.

Identify recon slowdowns quickly.

Tag potential red flags in the inspection process so there are no surprises in recon. Add pictures from your mobile phone with ease, and tag team members who need to know about issues in real time.

Differentiate your dealership.

Separate yourself from the competition. Carketa gives your sales team the tools to showcase your team’s hard work and commitment to quality on every vehicle.

NIADA CPO: Powered by Carketa.

NIADA chose Carketa for a reason – our digital inspection software makes it easy for independent dealerships to reap all the benefits of a CPO with minimal effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? We’ve got Answers.

Carketa Inspections help you standardize your inspection process across your whole inventory. Track both cosmetic and mechanical issues with ease leveraging Carketa’s mobile app to upload photos and document your entire inspection process. Simply assign an inspection template to the vehicle, assign the task to one team member, or multiple, and your inventory will flow quickly from inspection to reconditioning faster and with clarity.
You can choose from several inspection templates Carketa has created based on what real dealerships use every single day. Take our best practices and merge them with your own, create your own process within the platform or merge our best tips with your own to create an inspection process that works for you. You can create multiple inspection templates and assign them to each vehicle as it enters your inventory.
Carketa’s inspection templates cover all major mechanical and cosmetic areas of the vehicle and can be customized based on vehicle type, make, model or even your shop team’s preferences. Share inspection templates across your whole team and assign them to vehicles as they enter your inventory.
Build your own inspection checklist within Carketa or request help from one of our talented Customer Success Managers.
Carketa Condition Reports, part of the Sales Packet feature, can help you showcase the work you’ve completed and put your best foot forward to prospective buyers. Your sales team can print the condition report and walk through highlights or share it with buyers via a link.