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Over 200 Points of Vehicle Inspection

Carketa checks the following:

Vehicle Overview

Carketa Grade

The CARKETA Grade is assigned to every vehicle that has a CARKETA Auto Report. The CARKETA Grade is an algorithm based score given to each vehicle.
CARKETA Dealers and Consumers are going above and beyond by getting their vehicles inspected by a Certified CARKETA Technicians.
Our comprehensive checklists, inspections and the overall grade, will ensure transparency with easy to understand information for buyers.
The type of Title is not factored into the CARKETA Grade. CARKETA was developed to help buyers, like you, make an educated car buying decision with less effort.

Over 200 Points of Inspection

Performed and overscene by ASE Certified MechanicsĀ (Learn More)

Vehicle Overview

Tire Tread Depth
Vehicle Warning Lights
How Many Categories Passed
Where The Vehicle Was Last Inspected

List of Inspected Categories

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