Fast Love, Faster Car: Tips on How To Make Your Car Go Faster

Unless it has some underlying issues, your car is already fast. But do you want to make it go faster? Below are some tips on how to make your car go faster.

As a car driver, you do have that need for speed. It’s much more fun to drive when you can speed it up on the edge of its limits, either on or off-road. And it’s not just fun – you can take advantage of getting to your destination faster. But modifications to increase your car’s speed can get quite pricey at times. Fortunately, there are some ways to make your car’s speed from snooze to swoosh. Don’t know where and how to start? Below are five tips you can easily do today.

Let Go Of The Load

Every mode of transportation has a weight limit, and cars are no exemption. Most of the car’s weight is due to the massive engine, and some other parts included. So if you want a faster car, it’s best to let go of unnecessary weight. If you have a lot of things you carry inside the trunk or at the back seat, it’s time to remove it and place it in your home. Some car enthusiasts would even get rid of the air conditioning system to take off some weight. You can do this as well, but only if necessary. When you remove the excess, unnecessary weight from your car, you’d be able to accelerate your car’s speed and take away the strain from your tires and brakes.

Use Lighter Tires With Better Grip

Another item that adds weight to your car is the tires. But you wouldn’t want it removed, would you? But to make your car go faster, you can switch your current tires with a lighter variety. Lighter wheels may be a bit on the expensive side, but it would have a significant improvement in your vehicle’s performance. Plus, these tires look neater than the cheaper, alloy-welded ones.
Aside from the wheels with lighter weight, you also have to consider tires with better grip. When the tires can’t get a better hold on the ground, all other faster car tips are futile. Better tire grip means improving cornering speeds and prevent braking distance. To check on some high performance tires, click on the link.

Better Exhaust System

Exhaust system makes the vehicle louder. But it doesn’t just add noise to make the car louder. When you upgrade your vehicle with a better exhaust system, it helps the engine by reducing the engine restriction because the exhaust flows much better. Thus, the vehicle performs much better and faster. But when you upgrade the exhaust system, you have to improfve everything from the tailpipe to the headers. A cat-back system should do.

Regular Maintenance

Doing regular maintenance on your vehicle can do wonders — several reasons why a car doesn’t run or perform great because the car missed its maintenance. Clogged filters and dirty oil, among others, are detrimental to a vehicle’s performance. Make sure to get rid of sludgy oil, dirty air filters, and spark plugs by visiting the nearest auto shop near you and have it serviced. That way, you can make sure that the car’s systems are clean and, thus, will drive faster. If you want to have your car inspected, click on the link.

Make Your Car Go Faster By Becoming A Better Driver

When you do all the faster car tips listed above, these tips are up to no good if you don’t improve your driving skills. Become a better driver by enrolling in an advanced driving course. The advanced driving course teaches you how to use all the advantages of your vehicle while keeping you safe on the road.

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