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The graphic shows trade-ins on new vehicles represented the biggest slice of used-vehicle acquisitions, at 43% of the pie. The second-biggest contributor to used-vehicle inventory, auction purchases, came in at a distant 27%. Close behind were trade-ins on used vehicles, at 22% of acquisitions. The question of whether to retail or wholesale a vehicle can be a difficult one, and the decision must be made based on customer appeal, predicted turn time and thecost of reconditioning for each vehicle.
(For more information, see NADA Driven guide SL17, A Dealer Guide to Auctions: Controlling Inventory, Increasing Profits.)

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Both figures below include F&I (NADA Data 2016).

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To consistently generate profit, you need to track the make, model, age, classification and value of each used vehicle you’re offering.
Next, you need to compare your inventory with what is selling in your market. Doing so will keep you updated on the most requested vehicles, including the preferred price ranges, which vehicles to wholesale, when to bring the vehicle to auction, etc.

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The Top 5 habits from Car Shoppers

The top five activities conducted online by car shoppers include researching car prices (71%), finding actual cars listed for sale (68%), comparing different models (64%), finding out what current car is worth (63%), and locating a dealer or getting dealer info (46%).
(Information from Autotrader)

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Carketa is the first full Dealership Operational Software. Carketa handles your inventory from acquisition to sold. We do this through out SaaS products:

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Start tracking trends in different categories, such as age group, vehicle source, market segment, inventory actual cash value (ACV), sales price, manufacturer, etc.

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Truck World

“Carketa Recon has absolutely changed the way we manage the recon process. I look back and don’t remember thinking we didn’t do recon well, now I don’t know how we ever worked without it.”



Action Auto Utah

“Carketa Recon has been a game changer for us. Whether you are managing 20 cars or 500 cars, Carketa is the solution. It makes tracking inventory and maintaining a fast time to market easy.”



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Give consumers a reason to purchase with you via the Condition reports.

With Carketa Condition Reports, there’s no need for your customers to look for vehicle information elsewhere. All they need to know is in one single report.
Just choose the vehicle you want to check and all the necessary information will come right up.
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condition-report digital condition report benefits and advantages

Expand your digital market

Your market doesn’t have to be limited within the four corners of your locale. With our condition reports, you can now sell your vehicles to out-of-state buyers, and set their expectations for each purchase.
It is essential to provide all the information car buyers need to know before purchasing. With condition reports, such as ours, which are packed with all the right and updated data, you’ll be able to convince buyers better and give them reasons to buy.

Set Expectations for out of state buyers

Our mission at Carketa revolves around transparency, because every customer deserves peace of mind when buying a used vehicle. That’s why our pre-purchase condition reports have been carefully crafted to provide in-depth, accurate information on every vehicle we inspect. The report covers over 60 categories and over 200 points of inspection. Therefore, with the Carketa current condition report, you’ll know exactly what’s under the hood when buying your next used vehicle.
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Your next level dealership management starts here

We understand how overwhelming the car buying experiencecan be, let Carketa take the guesswork out of it. We have partnered with dealerships across the country that provide the best inventory on the market, and we have the reports to prove it.

Some important information

Did you know that the NADA recommends to turn your inventory 12 times a year. This means you should maintain a 1:1 sales to inventory ratio each month. Our Carketa partnered dealers have reported boosting their inventory turn time as much as 15 times a year!
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Carketa was founded in 2019 to improve the car buying experience to the benefit of dealerships. We believe dealerships must evolve to compete in the digital world. Carketa will be the vessel that helps dealerships compete online.


In everything we do, we believe in a better car buying experience. We help dealerships realize their potential and compete online.


We help dealerships dramatically decrease expenses by streamlining their recon process and getting vehicles front line ready faster than ever. We also help dealerships sell more cars by reaching more customers, improving online customer acquisitions, and improving conversion rates to increase sales.