Automotive Industry Trends to Watch out for in 2020

Here some automotive industry trends to watch out for in 2020.

Judging from the rate of things are going, the 2020s is going to be all about technological revolution. All products and brands are going to embrace technology with open arms, and the automotive industry won’t be the one to be left behind. Point in fact, car manufacturers are the first ones to apply technology to their vehicles in haste. From electric cars to advanced safety features, there’s no denying that automakers are taking technology to heart. But when some people may think tech advancement is going to stop there, they might want to think again. Here are the automotive industry trends to watch out for in 2020.

automotive industry trends

It’s All About The Quality

A recent consumer survey reports on what people should prioritize when purchasing vehicles. A good chunk of respondents voted out quality as number one. Quality makes up 30% of the respondents’ votes. Meanwhile, 21% say they want cars that are, above everything else, affordable. But how do you define quality? A quality car, to be fair, is subjective. Quality cars, such as fast cars, spacious interiors, or durable materials, among others. But whatever this might be, automakers should make sure that quality should be applied to all aspects of the vehicle.

Monitoring and Sensing Tools

Car health care, as well as driver and passenger care, is now on the rise more than ever. And because of this, manufacturers are eyeing to have more reliable car health monitoring tools. Cars today have many health sensor tools included in their array of tech, and there are no signs that manufacturers are stopping with it anytime soon. Some of these manufacturers are already in the talks with software companies to help them develop monitoring and sensing tools to make their cars function better. In the coming years, cars come with emergency software which is going to provide automated call features in case of accidents and other emergencies. Soon, you getting stuck in the middle of nowhere is going to be a thing of the past.

automotive industry trends

A Better Connection

Another of these automotive industry trends is connectivity. Because of rapid digitalization, car connectivity features are going to be stronger than ever in the next decade. That’s pretty understandable; consumers are getting more demanding each year when it comes to connectivity. Being connected helps cars provide better intelligence, convenience, and comfort. And because of these factors, vehicle companies are eyeing more on creating and designing cars that have better connectivity. And these tech should not just be available for trucks and mid-size vehicles; it should also come with for small vehicles.

Are You Entertained?

For 2020 and beyond, every ride is going to be an entertaining ride. Car technology is not just focusing on safety and connectivity, but they are also developing for the sake of amusement for a more pleasurable drive each time. But just like everything else, there must be some limit in providing entertainment. With that idea in mind, tech companies are creating low-distraction entertainment integration in smartphone functions. 
So these are the automotive industry trends to watch out for in the next year or decade. Flying cars may not yet be a possibility, as what they predicted decades ago, but through these technological advancements, we’re one step closer to bringing that to reality. Maybe not.

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