Are Black Cars Hard To Keep Clean?

Are Black Cars Hard To Keep Clean?

Here Are Our Thoughts.

I have a couple of friends who own black vehicles. The type of car they own differs; some own a black sedan while some own a jet black truck, for example. Out of curiosity, I asked one of my friends who owned a black truck why he chose that color. He said that it looks “rad” (his words not mine). He also argued that black cars are not hard to maintain. Although I agreed on his first point, I am kind of not buying his second point of argument. Based on experience, I really believe black cars belong on the high-maintenance department.

You see, he drives off-road for his farming business. Due to the nature of his work, I rarely see his truck clean at all. One may think it’s probably because he’s too busy to care about car maintenance. Which may be true, however, one of the reasons he chose the color black is that it’s easier to maintain than white. But judging from the way it looks after a rough business trip, then he may be wrong on this one.

So is a black car hard to keep clean? We are weighing that one in on this hot topic in this blog post. We will also talk about the advantages and some professional tips on how to keep a black car clean.

So Is A Black Car Hard To Keep Clean?

Fun Fact: According to Chosun Media, black cars constitute 21% of all the car population in North America alone. That percentage makes black the second most popular car color in the region. And it doesn’t just dominate North America; it is also the second most popular car in Asia (16%) and Europe (20%).

With that piece of fact, you can really tell that it is a popular color for cars. However, the question still sits: is a black car hard to keep clean?

It’s not hard to admit that black cars will always look way more fashionable than vehicles of different colors. There’s that added sleekness that black vehicles provide, but saying that it is easy to maintain is simply not true in most cases. Even the tiniest speck of dust will be visible on the vehicle’s dark surface. Not only dust, but even the most minor scratches are easier to spot compared to other car colors. Another issue with cars specifically the black color is the color-matching. When you update the paint or attempt to hide the minor scratches, it’s challenging to get a match for your car paint when it’s black.

We’ve been talking about the exteriors, how about black car interiors? Car interiors are the best to hide specks of dirt and stains. Spill a drink or food? Just wipe it out, and nobody will notice. But then again, you will find superficial dirt fast such as dust, lint, and pet hairs.

It’s Getting Hot In Here

If you don’t mind the dirt (but who doesn’t), then you might think twice when you realize black cars pack heat – literally. According to Lesueur Car Company, Auto Trader studied car temperature by taking two cars – one black and one white – and exposing them under the sun’s heat. After a few hours, the black car’s temp went as high as 130 degrees Fahrenheit while the white one only got 113. Not only that, it takes time for the black vehicle to cool down. It took 10 minutes for the black vehicle to go down to 91 degrees Fahrenheit, while the white car managed to get down to 84. This only shows that it’s not really “cool” to have a black car when you live in a tropical area.

With that said, it is safe to assume that black cars are tough to maintain. Just a small scratch or dust is already a nuance to the eye, plus it’s not comfortable during summer and places that are naturally hot.

are black cars hard to keep clean? yes, especially when used off-road

Should I Get A Black Car?

Now that we elaborated on why black cars are hard to maintain, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to buy one. If your favorite color is black, then you should go for it. Not only does it bring style, but black cars also have some advantages of their own. So if you’re planning to buy a black car soon, you should know the pros you’re getting and not just the cons.

It Simply Looks Expensive

Do you know why luxury car manufacturers use black as their signature color? It’s because black makes cars look more expensive and fancier than it should be. The color black enhances car details and make lines and curves more prominent. Even if you choose the boxiest and most odd-looking vehicle available, people just can’t help but think it’s an expensive vehicle when it comes in black.

Instant Bragging Rights

Even if you don’t intend to, you will turn heads when you drive a well-polished black car. There’s a psychological reason behind why the color black is always associated with class, affluence, and a great sense of style. Even though you work as the company’s accountant, when you drive a black sports car and a black suit to boot, people automatically assume you’re the boss.

If a great impression is what you’re after, you can never go wrong with a black auto. It works well when you’re in sales, and you meet clients outside your office day by day. You have bigger chances of closing deals when you’re sporting a black car – but make sure to have it cleaned and polished before showing up.

Resale Value Is High

As we mentioned above, black is one of the most popular colors for cars, alongside white and silver. On that note, it’s easier to sell black cars than other colors. And since it looks really appealing, most car buyers would find it really irresistible. You just have to make sure that you clean it well and maintain its sleek and polished look.

Speaking of preserving the car’s look, below are some tips on how to take care of black vehicles.

are black cars hard to keep clean?

How To Keep My Black Car Clean?

Yes, taking good care of a black car is not impossible, but it takes a lot of work. Below are some tips on how to take care of the black paint of your vehicle. I promise, they’re not that complicated.

Wash It Regularly

Just like any other car, don’t forget to give it a wash every now and then. If it has accumulated traceable dirt, then it’s time to give your car a bath. But you should use a certain that when washing a black car, which is called a double bucket technique.

When you wash your black car using only one bucket, you will find that the sponge or washcloth’s dust and debris will come back to the exterior, and that’s not good. So instead of using one bucket, use two. You should use the first bucket to wash dust and dirt off while the other one is for clean and soapy water. And don’t forget to use different cloth or mitts when cleaning so no dirt will stick to the cloth you use to rinse off the soap.

Pro Tip: Don’t use detergent or dish soap. These kinds of soap have an oil-stripping formula and will take the wax or sealant off the car’s surface. Instead, use a car-wash solution to keep your black car clean from dust, dirt, and debris while keeping it coated and shiny.

Consider A Ceramic Coat

We already know about wax and sealant, but how about the ceramic coating? But first, what is a ceramic coating?

It’s a newer kind of industry-grade coating applied to the car’s exterior to protect the paint. It’s pretty much like a wax or a sealant, but it’s better in giving that glass-like finish (hence, ceramic). Ceramic coating also provides more layers of protection against moisture, water, and humidity.

However, the downside of this is it’s a bit costly. You need to bring it to a ceramic coating specialist, and you need to shell out between $500 to $1500, depending on the size of your black car. If the price is a bit of a reach for you, you can opt for the classic wax or sealant. Click here to know which one should you use between wax or sealant.

Can I Take A Black Car To A Car Wash?

This is where it gets a bit tricky. The answer to that question is yes, but you need to go for a 100% hand car wash. Going to an automatic car wash may be a good and possibly more affordable route, but not all automatic car wash uses sponges. Some use nylon or plastic strings to clean the car’s exterior. And when you run your black car through that, your vehicle is at significant risk for getting scratches and swirls. To keep your black car clean and scratch-free, take it to a manual car wash where they use a sponge to wash and clean.

Are Black Cars Hard To Keep Clean? Yes, But Don’t Be Discouraged.

When you put some time and effort into it, you can keep a black car clean. And if this is the type of car color you’re after, nobody should stop you. If you’re looking for a used car, check out our listings coming from hundreds of reputable car dealerships across the US.

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