Carketa Dealers sell better cars.

  • Carketa Recon provides dealers with a more organized and efficient processes.
  • Carketa Condition reports provides consumers with the information needed to make an at home buying decision.
  • Carketa Condition reports are the only reports on the market with built in quality control metrics so you can be confident in the information provided. "Accuracy Rating"

How it works

Simply View the digital condition report listed or request a report

Existing Online Car Market

"My car is great.... Want to buy it?"

  • What is the current mechanical condition?
  • How about the current vehicle title status?
  • Is the vehicle value updated?
  • Is this vehicle safe?
  • What is the condition of the brakes and tires?
  • Is this car worth going to look at?
These are all things you may ask yourself while shopping for a quality used car online. Well not anymore… Welcome to Carketa.


Vehicles with a Carketa Report


Here is the condition of the vehicle today. Inspected and controlled VIA Carketa proprietary "Accuracy Rating".

  • 200 Point Mechanical inspection performed by CARKETA certified mechanics.
  • Full title history report letting you know the current title status.
  • Detailed vehicle evaluation based on sold market data.
  • Detailed information about the safety and reliability of the vehicle
  • Every CARKETA inspection station is held to a 98% accuracy rating or above leaving you with peace of mind.




Carketa has 900+ Dealerships across United states and Canada using Carketa. Carketa Dealers are providing you with the information needed to make an educated car buying decision from the comfort of your home.



Carketa is your trusted source for digital condition reports. Over 10,000 Condition reports generated with an over 98% accuracy rating. Carketa is the only digital condition report on the market that provides you with built in quality control metrics.



Carketa Condition reports have over 500,000 backlinks on third party Website Providers and listing platforms. Carketa Condition reports are connecting dealerships and consumers all across the United States and Canada. Your marketplace is expanding with Carketa.



Over 1,000,000 real-time connections made via text message and push notifications. Carketa improves internal and external communication in your dealership and with consumers.

New Integration!

Host your Carketa Condition report directly on your website and other third-party website hosts. We have been working hard to give consumers the information needed to make a successful and confident buying decision from the comfort of your home. Digital Retailing just got easier
Our integration just got easier
With our updated integration system, more and more dealerships can now use the software with smoother processes.
vehicle-report carketa digital condition report

Carketa is the difference.

Carketa is committed to providing you with the information necessary to make an educated buying decision from the comfort of your home. Every Carketa inspection station is certified and held to a standard you can trust. Each inspection station meets a minimum 98% accuracy rating so you can be confident with the information provided.


  • Understand the current condition of each vehicle before you leave your house.
  • Shop with confidence, knowing that every Carketa Station is held to a 98% accuracy rating or above.
  • We are committed to bringing honesty and trust back into your used car buying experience. Don't worry, we're on your side.


  • The Carketa Condition Report.
  • Over 200 Points of Inspection held to a standard you can trust.
  • The vehicle title history report.
  • Real time market evaluation giving you an estimated value of each vehicle based on sold comparable vehicles.


  • Save Money.
  • Save Time.
  • Save the hassle of purchasing a vehicle with undisclosed issues you were not aware of.
  • Save and favorite your top Carketa vehicles.

Carketa is the Top Trusted Source for Vehicle Condition Reports

The Facts.

  • Over 10,000 Carketa Condition Reports Produced on the Carketa Platform
  • Over 246,000 Backlinks with 3rd Party websites and Advertising Platforms.
  • The only Condition Report provider with built in software quality control performing at over a 98% accuracy rating.
Our mission at Carketa revolves around transparency, because every customer deserves peace of mind when buying a used vehicle. That’s why our pre-purchase condition reports have been carefully crafted to provide in-depth, accurate information on every vehicle we inspect. The report covers over 60 categories and over 200 points of inspection. Therefore, with the Carketa current condition report, you’ll know exactly what’s under the hood when buying your next used vehicle.
We understand how overwhelming the car buying experience can be, let Carketa take the guesswork out of it. We have partnered with dealerships across the country that provide the best inventory on the market, and we have the reports to prove it.
auto-dealer-software carketa reconditioning app ios and android

For Dealers

Carketa Recon
  • Carketa Recon is the only software on the market providing you with a digital conditiong report giving consumers another level of transparency and trust.
  • Carketa Recon has increased dealership productivity by as much as 30%
  • Carketa Recon is more than just a recon tool. We drive success from the time of purchase to sold.
Our recon tool is the best tool a car dealership can have. It’s time to say goodbye to waiting for paper reports and walking from one department to the other to check on the recon status. With Carketa’s recon tool, you can save time and increase profit as you manage every process from anywhere to anytime from your mobile device.


With Carketa Connect, you can optimize your time selling. The hot topic of the industry is “List your car day one”. Carketa connect allows you to start acquiring leads on vehicles while they are still in the process of reconditioning. Carketa Connects gives consumers real-time updates Via text message as your vehicles transition through the reconditioning process improving communication and transparency.
  • Store leads manually
  • Store leads from the retail site
  • Text and push notifications to customers

Become A Carketa Dealer

Carketa is a fantastic platform that helps used car dealerships perform better and better each month. Increase your sales while cutting costs, even during this crazy time we’re in. Become a part of our Carketa car dealership family and improve your business in no time.

Benefits of Becoming a Carketa Dealer

Consistently Increase Revenue

As used car dealerships, there’s no way to go but up. We at Carketa can help you reach your sales goals – not just once, twice, but consistently! When you can focus more on your selling used cars and less on the recon process, you’ll be able to close more deals. In return, your sales percentage will grow month after month.

Gain Trust and Credibility

People sometimes have trust issues when they buy a car, especially if it’s a used one. With Carketa’s complete and more detailed Vehicle Report, customers can take a look at the car’s condition without even checking the actual vehicle. Fast, easy, and RELIABLE transaction – that’s the way to go.

Marketplace for Your Vehicles

Our marketplace provides a great platform to display your vehicles for sale. We have more than 20,000 vehicles in our listings inventory coming from our Carketa dealer partners. When you become one, we will provide you access to our marketplace. We do this by connecting your DMS to our software. That way, the marketplace will automatically update with your vehicles once you update a new one.

Get Included on Our Location Map

One of the benefits we give to our Carketa dealers is that we include them on our location map. When customers look for a car online, they make sure that the vehicle they’re checking is located nearby. That’s where the location map comes in. Check out the different Carketa used car dealerships across the country by clicking here.

Improve Customer Retention

It is difficult to gain customers online, let alone make them stay. However, with the tools and the advantages we have here at Carketa, customer service and retention will become less challenging. Closing deals will be much easier when you have the Carketa Current Condition Report to back you up when customers have many questions about the vehicle.

Balanced Processing

Every used car dealership has a sales problem, in one way or another. But by becoming a Carketa dealer, we’d be able to help smooth out your car sales process, increase visibility, and become a part of a close-knit used car dealerships community.

Client Testimonial

“After Shopping for Vehicles that come with a Carketa report I cant imagine buying another used car without one. It takes pressure off buying a used car, knowing the current condition verified by a trusted source. I really like the fact that the condition report comes with a full history report as well so it’s easy to identify if the vehicle is a clean or branded title.” 

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever taken time out of your day to stop what you’re doing and travel to several used car dealerships to look at vehicles, only to find out that it’s nothing like the other party described? We know it can be frustrating.

Our mission at Carketa revolves around transparency, because every customer deserves peace of mind when buying a used vehicle. That’s why our pre-purchase condition reports have been carefully crafted to provide in-depth, accurate information on every vehicle we inspect. The report covers over 60 categories and over 200 points of inspection. With the Carketa current condition report, you’ll know exactly what’s under the hood when buying your next used vehicle.

So, Carfax and Autocheck are excellent sources to find out the history of the vehicle, such as accident history, number of previous owners, etc. However, we felt there has always been a missing piece to the industry, and that’s where the Carketa Condition Report was born. What is the current condition of the vehicle now? Beyond that, what is the current condition of the vehicle validated by a reputable source held to a standard you can trust. To learn more about what Carketa checks for, (Click Here).

Simply go to the dealership tab and apply to become a Carketa dealer.

The Carketa Grade is a proprietary grading system developed to grade vehicles based on the potential risk of repairs found in the inspections.  

Yes, your vehicle can get a Carketa Report. Please visit one of our participating Inspection Stations.

Yes, quality control is something we take very seriously. We hold all of our inspection stations to a 98% accuracy rating and above to ensure you with the most up to date and accurate information available.


Whether you’re a dealership, a buyer, or a seller, Carketa’s got you covered. Click the one that’s most appropriate for you.