Winter Driving Tips – Because It’s Never Fun to Be Stranded During This Season

Driving through piled-up snow is stressful, but manageable. Here are some winter driving tips you can use.

The winter season is the bane of all drivers. Just imagine driving in the cold, dreadful weather with all the snow and ice. Not only is it highly uncomfortable, it is also hazardous. And yes, weathers are always inevitable, which is a good thing. Why? Because you can prepare for it. And with that, here are some winter driving tips that are useful for you, especially if you live in a winter “wonderland”.

winter driving tips

Have your car undergo a maintenance check

When the car breaks during summer, it’s okay. But it’s a whole other story when the car breaks in wintertime. At least in the summer, you can still get out of your car and fix it right away. But in the winter? It’s more than a chore; it’s a challenge fit for a reality show. And you have no choice to do it, unless you’re willing to spend a hefty amount of cash for car towing services. But is it even worth it?

We can all agree that nobody wants their car to break down in the middle of a winter day. So to prevent this, you have to have your car undergo a maintenance check. Have a mechanic check each part of your car, from the hoses, belts, spark plugs, and water pumps to name four.

But most importantly, have your tire pressures checked. Tire pressure decreases during freezing weather. And when your tire’s pressure is off, it would cause a severe problem when you drive through the winter. So make sure your car is winter-ready before winter is coming.

Aside from tire pressure, you also have to check the tires. If it’s already old, it might be the best time to replace it. Also, replace your brake pads when it’s already worn out. Last, you should have all the fluids checked. Fluid check includes oil brake fluid, wiper fluid land the likes.

Stash Some Winter Essentials In Your Car

Accidents and car mishaps are inevitable. No matter how much you prepare to steer clear from accidents to happen, there are instances that it happens and goes awry. And this occurrence can also happen when you drive during a winter drive. So apart from preparing your car to be winter-ready, you also have to prepare for your consumption. Throughout the winter season, you can bring a few life-saving items that you can use during a car emergency. These are useful when you get stranded in the middle of a highway, or when the snow is falling hard. Here are a few things that should be stashed on your trunk.


When your car breaks down, and the temp outside is cold, you’d want to be warm and comfortable while waiting for someone to help you. Blankets can provide that extra comfort when your car AC shuts down temporarily.

Energy Bars and Water

When you get stuck in a snowy situation, there’s a big chance that help is going to be scarce. Apart from that, the food source is limited. And you don’t want to be hungry when there are no help and no food and water in sight. With this, place a few bottles of water as well as some energy bars that you can grab quickly.

Small Shovel and Ice Scraper

Snow is beautiful, but getting stranded is not. It can bury your car to a few inches and can make your car’s visibility go down. With a shovel and an ice scraper, you’d be able to shovel the snow off your car’s area and scrape the ice off of the windshield for more visibility, especially if you run out of washer fluid.


Flares are extremely useful if you get stranded in a place where not a lot can see you. When you are stuck in this awful situation, and there’s no signal in the area, you need to do what it takes to get out of it. Flares are essential so that you can grab attention that you need help, and someone who’s from a mile can see it.

winter driving tips

Most Essential Of All The Winter Driving Tips – Stay At Home

When there’s no need to go and drive, stay at home. Even if you consider yourself a good driver in adverse weather conditions, it’s not that good of a risk to take. Only drive during snow when there’s an emergency, for example., or when you go for work. And when you do, drive and brake at a glacial pace. Don’t push on the brakes too hard to avoid swerving. 
Winter driving can be a challenging feat.

But at least you have these winter driving tips to help you out. If you’re looking for the best cars for snow, check out our previous blog post by clicking in the link provided. And as always, drive safe, Utah!

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