Tired And Burned Out: When To Replace Tires?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 9% of vehicular accidents in the country are due to tire-related problems. Though tire issues are highly preventable and can be fixed right away, not a lot of car owners and drivers don’t check on their tires regularly. That’s why it’s advisable to follow a scheduled tire maintenance. “But when to replace tires?”, you might ask. In this article, we are going to give out tell-tale signs your tire is ready to, well, retire.

when to replace tires

Check On The Tread Wear

A worn-out tread is the most common sign that you should replace your tires. And when the tire treads are worn out, you need to replace it immediately. Why? It’s a matter of keeping your car – and your family – safe. When tire treads are already shoddy, its capacity to hold on to the surface is already diminished. And you wouldn’t drive these wheels around poor weather conditions such as rain and snow. It’s even illegal to use old and used tires in a number of states. Regardless if worn-out tires are illegal in your state or not, when it’s that battered, the tires have to go.

How Old Your Tires Are

The right time to replace your tires is when it’s 6 years old. Yet, both car and tire manufacturers have different take on this. According to tire manufacturers, tires can stay durable for up to 10 years. Car manufacturers, on the other hand, say that 6 years is already long enough for tires to be on the road. So where do we draw the line? It all depends on the weather and how much you use your car. And we will explain that below.

when to replace tires

Consider The Weather And Frequency

When you live in a place with a hotter climate, your tire will age faster. Exposure to the radiating heat will hasten the tire’s aging process. Another factor to consider is how much do you use your car? Do you use it only to drive you from home to work or school? Or do you use it 24/7 for some reason? If your answer is the latter, then the tire’s aging process will speed up. Consider these factors so you’d get a better idea of when to replace tires.

When You Already Know When to Replace Tires, Here are Some Tips

Always remember that tires have a shelf life. So when you’re looking for some new tires, always check the code from the Department of Transformation. This code shows when the tire was manufactured. The code comes with letters and four numbers. So when it reads “2318”, for example, it means that the tire was produced around the 23rd week of 2018. When buying, always ask for the code. Some retailers will always give out the first one out, and that’s pretty normal. But always ask for the code that comes with the tire to make sure you’re getting the newest one.

The Fool-Proof Quarter Test

As suggested, it’s important to check on your tire’s health regularly to know when to replace tires. But it doesn’t mean that you have to go to an auto shop to have it checked. Instead, you can do the quarter test. How do you it? Insert a quarter into one of your tire’s grooves. Make sure you pick the one that you think a quarter can fit and with Washington’s head up. If you can’t see Washington’s head as you insert it, it’s time to replace the tire immediately.

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