Trucks VS SUV – Which One is Perfect for You?

Trucks vs SUV. Which one is worthy of your bet? Which one you think will win? Choose your gear and let’s go!

2019, so far, is not a good year for cars, but it’s a year for midsize SUVs and trucks to celebrate. According to a recent report, the passenger car sales plummeted 16.4% in October, while SUV and truck sales enjoyed a 6.4% increase in the same month. That’s roughly 980,000 units sold in the US in one month alone. But this article is not about cars vs. trucks and SUVs. This article is about trucks vs SUV. If you’re looking to buy a new vehicle very soon and but still torn in this trucks vs SUV game, read on. We’re going to differentiate the two so you’ll have a better picture of which one suits you best.

trucks vs suv

Trucks – Pros and Cons. 

Most people buy trucks for one reason. And that is it’s a powerful vehicle to have. But just like all types of vehicles out there, trucks also have their cons to lookout. Below are the pros and cons of having a truck.


Supreme Engines – When it comes to powerful engines, you’ll find that virtually all trucks are run by one. And even when manufacturers use the same powertrain for both their trucks and SUVs, with a truck, you’d be able to upgrade your engine much easier as compared to the latter.

Towing Features – If you own a boat or a camper, you need a vehicle that is powerful enough to pull these. A truck, never the less, can do the job. Trucks are also valuable when another vehicle needs some towing, as trucks can take one out of such circumstances with ease.

More Storage Capacity – If your work or your hobby requires you to carry a ton of things, then you should pick a pickup truck to make your activities much more manageable. The extra storage bed that comes with the truck cannot only accommodate big and small items; it can also carry extra passengers. Though seating may not be comfortable, it’s much better to carry people or items in one drive than fetching back and forth multiple times.


Less Gas Mileage – When you choose a truck, get ready to splurge on gas. A decent pickup truck can drive you around 15 miles per gallon when driving in the city or up to 25 miles per gallon when driving on the highway.

Choosing Between Seating and Truck Bed – When a pickup truck has a better seating capacity, most of the time, it slashes the length of the truck bed. On the other hand, if the truck bed is more significant, seating may be few or a bit uncomfortable. So when choosing a truck, you have to weigh in this option. It’s either you want more comfortable seating, or you need to have a better truck bed with more capacity. You can’t have both all the time.

Difficult to Maneuver – Because trucks are usually large vehicles (not like SUVs), driving may be great, but maneuvering it is difficult. This issue is evident when you try to turn a sharp left or right, make a U-turn, or even parking on the road.

At the End of the Day…

Trucks are great when you need to haul many things almost always. Even though it’s fuel-efficient, trucks are a great choice if you tow boats or do a lot of grocery shopping frequently. Also, trucks can come in a four-door option that can sit at least five passengers with comfort and convenience. Trucks are also great for larger families.

trucks vs suv

SUVs – Pros and Cons

While trucks may have a specific purpose, SUVs have many. But most people go for this type of vehicle for one thing – more seating capacity. And since it’s considered that SUV is a mix of a truck and a car, SUVs can also carry several items, too. Let’s check out the cons of SUVs so you can weigh this vehicle type in this truck vs. SUV battle.


Better Gas Mileage – SUV is the perfect choice if you want a fuel-saving vehicle aside from passenger cars. Smaller SUVs can bring even better mileage. Most SUVs can give you 26 miles per gallon when in the city and up to 35 miles per gallon on the highway.

More Passengers, More Fun – The SUVs design allows it to accommodate more passengers – up to 6 at a time. If you have a large family, one SUV is enough to cover everyone in one trip.

Better Maneuver – Unlike trucks, you’ll find that SUV is much easier to maneuver since it’s midsize. But it’s not as easy as, say, a sedan. Nevertheless, you can park easily, and you can make a U-turn without any difficulty.


Cost – Perhaps the main con of owning an SUV is something you’ll experience from the beginning. If you want to own an SUV, better shell out at least $32,000 for a midsize SUV. But if money is not an issue, you can go for a more luxurious one that can go as high as $60,000. If anything, you can get a used one at a fraction of the cost.

More Prone to Danger – SUVs are lifted higher from the ground, unlike cars. With this, SUVs are more prone to vehicular accidents, such as flipping over. The newer ones have designs that prevent this from happening, but this is something you have to consider. If the argument that trucks are also further from the ground, most trucks are flat, making it more sturdy and a bit safer to drive. So in this round of trucks vs. SUV, the truck wins.

At The End Of The Day

Some people would suggest that SUVs are just trucks with a roof. But the truth is, SUVs are more similar to cars and vans. If comfort is what you’re after, then having an SUV suits you best.

trucks vs suv

Trucks Vs SUV – Who Wins?

Just like virtually every comparison, nobody wins. In this trucks vs. SUV article, the winner could be you if you choose the right one for you. Bottom line – trucks are for power and towing capacity, while SUV is more for comfort and better seating capacity. Which one would you choose? Let us know. And if you’re looking for either a truck or an SUV, check out our list.

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