Four Common Transmission Failure Problems and How You Can Fix It

The transmission of the car is a hectic, busy part of any vehicle. It’s connected to virtually all car parts and is required to move fast and heavy. Not surprisingly, all the movements and rubbing with other car parts cause the transmission to heat up. And because of its constant friction and exposure to heat, transmission components wear and tear over time. And the next thing you know, transmission failure happens. Here are the four common transmission failure problems any car owner may experience.

Transmission Is Slipping 

Have you ever experienced driving your vehicle in a precise gear wherein it changes without notice? That’s a slipping transmission, and it is one of the most common transmission failure problems. There are a variety of reasons why transmissions slip, one of which is due to the normal wear and tear and low transmission fluid.

Delayed Shifts

Another transmission failure problem you may face is that whenever you shift gears, the transmission takes time. Some people ignore it, but it gets worse over time. 

Again, low transmission fluid level is a common culprit, although water contamination at times causes delays in shifts. Water contamination may happen during off-road trips or when you drive through a flood/hydroplane. 

You can fix this problem by cleaning the transmission, getting rid of the water, or any other contamination. Replenishing the transmission fluid when it’s low can also help. The easiest way to prevent delayed shifts is to maintain the fluid level and clean the transmission regularly.

Transmission Fluid Is Leaking

Did it ever occur to you one morning as you check your garage, a red fluid is dripping from under your car and onto your garage floor? If it’s red fluid, it’s most likely the transmission fluid (although not all transmission fluid is red). When this happens, it’s crucial to not just brush it off as a regular thing. 

Keep in mind that leaking car fluid is a potentially dangerous problem, especially if the fluid is leaking out from a hot pipe. To diagnose it on your own, use a dipstick to check the level and condition. But it’s essential to call a mechanic right away to aid you out remediating the situation.

Clutch Is Worn

This transmission failure problem only happens when you have a manual transmission. Wearing your clutch down is normal, but when not taken care of, your clutch depreciates fast, and you may need a replacement right away. Always check your clutch from time to time. See if there are any underlying issues or if something is off.

These are just four of the most common transmission failure problems any car owner may face. To prevent these issues, always keep your transmission inspected so if key problems are waiting to happen, you can avoid them.

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