Why a Pre-Purchase Inspection is Important

A pre-purchase inspection is one of the most ignored steps when buying a vehicle, and we cannot stress enough how important getting a pre-purchase inspection is. If you are planning to buy a used car anytime soon, please read on. In this blog post, we will outline pre-purchase inspections and why they are important.

What is A Pre Purchase Inspection

A pre-purchase inspection (PPI) is an evaluation done before a person buys a used car. Used cars can have hidden issues that the previous owner or the seller may not know of. Some sellers, however, know these issues and they will try to cover it up. For either case, this is where the PPI comes in. An evaluator or a mechanic will inspect the car carefully to look for defects and damages. When they find something unusual, they will write it down on their report. 

So to help put your mind at ease when buying a used car, a PPI can help you find things that you didn’t know you should be worried about with a potential car. A lot of government bodies and even insurance companies recommend PPI.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Why is it Important?

Normally, everyone can get excited when buying a car. But oftentimes, too much excitement can get the better of us. Buying a used car can be a very dangerous thing to do. When you don’t consider the “ugly” parts before buying, you might receive an unwelcome surprise after the purchase. Sometimes it’s only a matter of time before these problems happen. That’s why PPIs are important. It prevents you from having a lot of headaches after buying a used car.

Who Should do the Inspection? And What Should be Inspected?

The PPI should be done by a trusty and experienced mechanic. There are also pre-purchase car inspection companies that do PPI services exclusively. Whichever you choose, it should be someone who has a vast knowledge of the car you’re buying. Please know that PPI inspections follow no specific standard. But you can always ask the PPI company or the mechanic doing the PPI to conduct a basic or thorough inspection. A basic inspection only checks the exteriors, interiors. car parts, and accessories. A more thorough inspection involves a test drive to include components like brakes and steering wheels.

How Much Does It Cost? 

A basic inspection will cost anyone around $100 to $200. It covers pretty much everything including a test drive. It may not, however, be the same thing when you have a luxury car inspected. For luxury vehicles, a more detailed, meticulous inspection and engine tests are needed. That said, an inspection could cost than a few hundred dollars and it can go as high as a few thousand dollars. As for who’s going to pay, it’s always the buyer who will pay for the services. 

Pre-purchase inspections are very important when buying a used car. If you’re looking for a pre-purchase inspection company in Utah, click on the link. If you’re looking for a pre-purchased autos for sale, click here.

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