New Tesla Truck Reveal – What We Know So Far

And the car line keeps getting bigger as it now aims to the heart of Americans with The Tesla Truck. There aren’t many details brought out to the public yet. And it’s understandable; Tesla is not really good at providing details, just hints. But here’s the catch for Musk himself – the Tesla Pickup is going to cost below $50,000. That, and it’s going to be better than Ford F-150 (his words, not ours). 

There were many information crumbs about Tesla Pickup thrown out here and there for the past few months. But the long wait is soon going to be over. According to Musk’s tweet, he will – finally – reveal the all-new Tesla Pickup Truck on November 21st. The venue will be at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

But before we get all too excited for the upcoming reveal (which is 7 days from the time of writing), here are some information and speculation we’ve gathered so far about the new Tesla Truck.

tesla truck reveal


We all do hope that all the hype is going to be worth it. And with the Tesla Pickup hype, we can only speculate that its powertrain should be one of the most powerful to compete with the standard pickup trucks that are run by gas. Speculations report that the Tesla Truck has dual electric motors as well as a decent torque to provide a tremendous all-wheel-drive experience and better tow ratings. 

Battery and Charging

While Tesla is busy coming up with its new pickup truck line, the technology with car charging gets better and better. And by the time the Tesla Pickup production picks up, they will be able to have a better electrical charging system that can keep up with it as well. Speculations state that it might have a similar architecture to the 800-volt system that will run the new Porsche Taycan EV. And with this, charging would be much faster than the current system Tesla is providing.

tesla truck reveal


Are we going back to basics? Probably. The speculations that the new Tesla Pickup will be more on physical buttons and less on the touchscreen technology. And many car enthusiasts agree to this. The opting to more tangible control is probably to adhere to the different needs of people in business and trade. But apart from that, it’s also expected for the upcoming pickup truck line to have the latest technology on driver-assistance and safety measures.

And that’s what we’ve picked up with the Tesla Pickup so far. Who’s excited for the big reveal next week? Green Light Auto Inspections offers quality hybrid vehicles for sale. Click on the link to check them out.

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