Is Manual Transmission Dying? Reasons Why Manual It’s Going – And The Sole Reason Why It’s Still Here

Is manual transmission dying? This is a question that has been roaming around all parts of the world ever since the automatic became a thing. But is it going for good, really? Maybe and maybe not. Here’s why.

Drivers have used manual transmission all over the world for ages. But the number of manual transmission users have been dwindling for a few decades. Now, it’s on the brink of extinction, joining the ranks along with dinosaurs and cassette tapes. So, is manual transmission dying? There are several factors why it’s going down, but there is still one reason why it’s hanging on a thread.

Is Manual Transmission Dying?

Manual Transmission – Reasons Why It’s About To Go

The main culprit of the impending death of the manual transmission – and it’s no secret – is technology. The car culture for years now is slowly shifting to digital for years. Driver-less cars and electric engines are among the new features that are highlighted in their marketing campaigns. In the 90s, one out of four people chose cars with manual transmission. In the recent decade, virtually everyone brings home an automatic. What are their reasons? Let’s dissect the three factors.

Automatic Cars Are Easier To Use

Many people think that cars with manual transmission are not as easy to use as cars with automatic ones. And, since nobody wants to drive around uncomfortably, the world has moved on to cars with newer features. Driving a manual car means you have to remember the clutch – this isn’t a worry anymore when you drive an automatic. It’s also more comfortable to drive an automatic when you’re in a severe traffic situation. Lastly, automatic cars have more accessible features, from the gauge and meters down to the infotainment and connectivity systems.

Automatic Cars Are More Economical

Another factor why car owners are on an automatic transmission exodus is that cars with manual transmission became expensive to maintain. And if we follow the law of supply and demand, the cost of automatic cars went low because the demand went up high, pressing manuals down even further. Another thing to consider is the amount of money you have to spend when you look for car parts for a manual engine. This is a problem since the carmakers produce less parts; thus, the price goes up.

Automatic Cars Are Safe and “Healthy” To Use

New generation cars provide several features that make driving a safer activity – something that manual cars barely have. Features such as monitoring systems dash cams are among the features many people are gravitating towards today. With these safety features, it makes modern cars a “healthier” option. According to research done by the US National Library of Medicine, people who drive automatic transmission cars are less likely to get stressed on the road as opposed to those who drive manual. To add, automatic car drivers are less likely to commit mistakes when driving.

Is Manual Transmission Dying?

So What Keeps Manual Transmission Cars Hanging?

The factors and reasons stated above can potentially kill manual transmission cars. But, there’s a saving grace that could still help cars with manual gearbox exist on the road – the aficionados. Manual car lovers serve as that fragile glue that keeps the industry together for a little while. Perhaps, when there are enough manual car fans out there, it would become cool to own one. But only time can tell.

So Is Manual Transmission Dying?

We have to thank manual transmission cars for paving the way to the newer ones we have today. But, technology is there to improve the way we live and, in this case, drive. While we’re at it, let’s enjoy the newer features and technology that cars with automatic transmission provide. If you’re looking for one, click on the link to check out some pre-inspected vehicles for sale.

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