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I wish CARKETA was around when I first started buying my cars. I would not have had to go through so many problematic cars. Either that or go to the mechanic on every single car I was wanting to possibly buy. Definitely cuts down the hassle of taking 5 potential cars to the mechanic. Just look at the CARKETA; You will know exactly what could give you problems down the road. I love CARKETA it saves money when buying a car.

Andrew G.

Before I buy a used car I get it inspected but it’s a pain to go through that, especially when it’s a private party sale. Now I don’t have to worry about setting up that inspection because CARKETA is already in a lot of places and expanding quickly. This is the right kind of business for the online buying age. Have had bad experiences with dealers, salesmen, and even mechanics not being totally up front with me on past cars. Need something like CARKETA out there to keep people honest. Glad I can use them moving forward.

-Spencer P.

When shopping for cars, I look locally and in larger metro area that are further away because the process are sometimes with the travel. When I’m considering driving a couple hours to look at a car, CARKETA provides information that’s more relevant than Carfax because it’s the current state of the car. I used to hate talking the risk of driving hours for a car based on old car histories just to find out it has a CURRENT problem. I don’t worry about that with a CARKETA car.

-Ty S.

– Did you know CARKETA are held to a 98% Accuracy rating to ensure you with the most up to date and accurate current condition of each vehicle inspected.

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