How To Improve Your Car Sound System

For some, driving is an activity that helps relax the mind. But some instances would make drivers admit that it can be more of a headache rather than therapeutic. One is traffic, and the other one is a poor audio system. In this post, we are going to share some tips on how to improve your car sound system. 

how to improve your car sound system

Two of the most common places to enjoy music are your place and a club. But if you’re not too keen on the clubbing scene, or if your kids are sleeping already, the car is the next best thing to listen to music. But what if the audio doesn’t sound as crisp and clear as you want it to be? For some drivers, sound quality is an essential factor for a better driving experience. If you don’t like how your car audio sounds today, here are some tips on how to improve your car sound system. Please know that some of these tips require a small fortune and a bit of time to install. If both of these are not a concern, do read on and improve your car sound system today.

Download and Play High-Quality Audio Files Instead

Before you dive into these tips on how to improve your car sound system, do know that sometimes it’s not the system’s fault. Some drivers are unaware of music files and, thus, play music that is of poor quality. Make sure that you download and play the right files. For example, the most common files for music is an mp3 file, but there are many types of mp3 files available. To ensure you download the right quality, check its bit rate. If the bit rate is 128 kbps below, then that file has an average to poor audio quality. An mp3 file with 128 kbps has a CD-sounding quality to it, while files with 160 kbps and higher have the best quality audio-wise). Also, know that 160 kbps and up have bigger file sizes.

Music apps such as Spotify and Apple Music provide songs that are, more often than not, of better quality. If your car infotainment system allows these apps, you can always download them. If not, you can use your phone and connect it via Bluetooth or an audio wire.

how to improve your car sound system

It’s Now Time To Make A Change

If you’ve downloaded high-quality files and the audio hasn’t changed a bit, then it’s time to make that change. Replacing your speakers is your best bet to achieve that clear crystal sound. Carmakers consider audio systems as one of the staple features, but not many of them don’t put much thought into making audio system as a selling point. That is why most car manufacturers install speakers that are just average-sounding (although a few makers are already installing amazing speakers). If you’re tired of how your car produces sound, get rid of it and replace it with aftermarket car speakers. These products have a more crisp sound and more evident bass. The price of these aftermarket audio systems vary but always check the specs first and have it tested before purchasing.

Add The Add-Ins

After installing new speakers, you might want to add the other add-ins. Audio system add-ins include subwoofers (we’ll talk about it in a few seconds), amplifiers, signal processors, and equalizers. Some cars have audio systems that don’t come with any of these, so these add-ins are very crucial if you want to have better sound quality. Amplifier’s purpose is to amplify small electric signal so it can make the sound louder than the usual. When you install an equalizer, you are now able to set the tones and its effects according to your liking. Lastly, a sound signal processor allows your car stereo to connect to the speakers and other devices while filtering the sound to make it cleaner.

But these electronics consume much space inside your car, so what to do? To solve this, you can replace your head unit with one that has preamp outputs. This comes with a hefty tag price, but it’s going to be worth it if you really love your music.

how to improve your car sound system

Woof It Out!

If you want the quality sound most people want as well, then the subwoofer can take you there! For those who don’t know yet, a subwoofer is an exceptional speaker designed to double up the amount of low range frequencies to amplify the bass up for a more full-bodied bass sound. All speakers make sound by moving air, but subwoofers have a unique cone design to catch on low bass frequencies. If you’ve ever ridden on a car that produces sound with a massage-like experience, that’s the subwoofer doing its job. Apart from making the sound more full as the artists intended it to be, subwoofers also help in preserving the other speakers’ function by taking the load of producing bass sound from the speakers.

Cancel The Outside World

The outside world’s noise that is. You may have all the best stereos and subwoofers in the world installed in the car, but when the noise of the streets can seep in easily, then it’s not going to be of good use. Imagine listening to your favorite songs while honking cars and jackhammers interrupt you – that’s annoying. So, to cancel the noise out, install some sound-deadening materials on your car’s panel. Products such as Dynamat are proven to prevent noise from the outside from coming into the cabin. Although it can’t prevent noise 100% of the time, it can provide a better sound experience than not having it.

And that’s how you can improve your car sound system.

Driving while listening to your greatest hits is always satisfying, but don’t forget not to drown yourself with the emotions that the songs give. Always focus on the road and drive safely. And if you want to have your car inspected for reselling, click on the link.

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