Honda’s Virtual Reality Approach Can Change The Way We Design Cars


Honda’s virtual reality dreams may become an actual reality.

Honda’s Virtual Reality (VR) studios are revolutionizing how we design cars. Honda has opened two VR Studios, one in Torrance, California, and another in Tokyo. Their teams provide feedback on iterations of interiors and exteriors without traveling by air – a significant cost-saving benefit. Honda said that designs evaluated via VR have started rolling off assembly lines. This happened after only two and a half years since opening their studios. The company hopes to charge into the future of car design through its innovative use of Virtual Reality technology.

At Honda’s design studio in Los Angeles, Ohio and Japan, Honda has used its VR headsets to create a digital mockup of its upcoming ’24 Prologue concept car. Honda had no choice but to turn to virtual reality when travel restrictions due to the Coronavirus limited their ability to collaborate between different teams. This created an opportunity for Honda to expand its use of augmented and virtual reality. This is all thanks to updated technology like hand tracking and improved visuals that make creating digital prototypes easier.

VR = Efficiency

By incorporating VR into the design process, Honda has made car design quicker, more efficient, and cost-effective. Honda teams can now collaborate on projects from any location and get real-time feedback to ensure the end product meets their standards. Honda’s commitment to pushing forward with new technologies is changing how cars are designed for the better.

Honda’s Virtual Reality technology shows that it is possible to create high-quality, beautiful designs without necessarily having to be in the same room as each other. That or even fly across countries. That’s a major step forward in automotive design. With Honda’s success, others will soon follow suit and join Honda in using Virtual Reality technology to change how we design cars. Honda’s success with Virtual Reality shows that investing in this technology is the way forward for car manufacturers. Honda will continue to lead the charge.

Honda hopes to explore more ways to use VR. This way, they will open up future possibilities for designing cars without relying on life-size clay models as they have traditionally done. Honda is embracing this new technology as they aim to revolutionize the way vehicles are created in the future.

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