Why become a Carketa Dealer?

Carketa doesn't just help your dealership by providing recon solutions. We also provide a marketplace platform where customers can check out your inventory. If you want to apply today, or just want to learn more, click the button below.

The most effective reconditioning solution on the market!

  • A faster, more controlled time to market allowing you to sell more cars.
  • Manage your reconditioning process from anywhere in the world. You only need your desktop or mobile app.
  • Track employee productivity and identify bottle necks in real time.
  • Customize your reconditioning work flow to maximize your productivity.
  • Dealer management software (DMS) integrations
  • Dashboard analytics to help with replacement flow. You can also check detailed speed to market averages, and much more..

Carketa Condition Report

We know your inventory is great, but don't make your customers take your word for it. That's why a third party validation goes a long way.

  • Provide transparency and improve your digital presence.
  • Highlight the reconditioning efforts put forth by your team.
  • Improve your overall reputation.
  • Give your customers a reason to buy from your car dealership.
  • Win over your digital marketplace.
  • Web hosted backend emissions certificates.
  • Sell your vehicles nationwide by giving the information needed to make an online buying decision.
  • And much more ...

Carketa Marketplace. Perfect For Car Dealerships.

List your vehicle on our marketplace with your Carketa Condition Report and sell more cars. With this marketing platform, selling vehicles out of your market just got a lot easier. With free DMS and website integrations, car dealerships need to use this.!

The best part is, customers will know what they are buying from the comfort of their home. Thus, this makes Carketa a necessary tool in these unprecedented times.  

Give consumers a reason to purchase with you via the Condition reports.

With Carketa Condition Reports, there’s no need for your customers to look for vehicle information elsewhere. All they need to know is in one single report, delivered fresh and fast.

Get the Carketa Recon App

Whether you have 30 vehicles in inventory or a thousand, you will need the Carketa Recon App in your day-to-day operations. This software streamlines your reconditioning to sales process. With that capability, you’d be able to increase sales and worry less about the recon process. On top of that, the Carketa Recon app helps in inventory management. With the app, you can now do tasks such as vehicle reconditioning tracking and more all from the palm of your hand. If you want to check out the app and get a free demo, click on the button below.

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