Car AC Not Cold Enough? Keep It Cool: How to Fix Car AC Issues

As of writing, the weather in Utah will be sitting on the average. But imagine if you’re in Florida or somewhere in the tropics driving down the road, and the AC stops working. Frustrating to think, isn’t it? If your car AC is not cold enough and it doesn’t make any difference when you try to adjust it, here are some things that you can do.

car ac not cold enough

There Must Be A Leak Somewhere

A leak is the most common reason why your car is not cold enough. When you turn on your car AC, but it doesn’t blow cold air, the very first thing to check is the refrigerant fluid. That’s because refrigerant fluid evaporates rapidly when it leaks once it’s exposed to air, making it very hard to detect where the leak is. Although it takes an expert mechanic and their state of the art tools to find where the leak is, here are some telling signs that the refrigerant leaks:

  • Your AC turns on and off
  • When you turn the AC on, it gives a wheezing sound
  • You can hear a click whenever you turn on the AC

If these signs show, there’s a big chance you have a leaking refrigerant. A mechanic can help you with this. You can repair or replace the componentit all depends on the damage. Also, you need to have your fluid refilled. If the refrigerant lost much fluid, your car’s AC system would be flushed off of all the fluid before replacing it with a fresh batch of fluid. Can you do this by yourself? We extremely suggest not. Refrigerant is a toxic substance, so replacing it should be done by trained personnel.

Another issue you may face is that the refrigerant may need some recharging. You can recharge it on your own, but it may take time to fix it, especially if you haven’t done it before. The local auto shop nearest you can help you with recharging it to save you time.

car ac not cold enough

Check the Compressor

Though refrigerant problem may be the most common culprit, compressor is the easiest to check and fix. So when you start your car, and the AC doesn’t bring out that comfortable, cold air, this is the first thing that you should analyze.
To check, make sure you turned the engine and AC. Also, make sure the AC is on maximum cool. Both the compressor and the clutch should be engaged with each other. Do note that by clutch, we mean the piece that connects the pulley on to the compressor shaft.
When you do all these steps, here are some issues you might find:

  • Refrigerant is on the low when the clutch engages and disengages faster than the usual
  • There’s a voltage issue when the clutch doesn’t engage at all. A voltmeter can determine this problem
  • A problem on the clutch can be the cause if there’s voltage traced
  • If there’s no voltage, three things: the clutch itself is the problem, there’s something wrong with the fuse, or the refrigerant pressure has some issues
car ac not cold enough

Issue Prevention

And these are just two of the most common issues why your car AC is not cold enough. If you find that neither of the two is the cause, then the AC system might need some cleaning. Here’s a checklist of what you can do to make sure your AC is working correctly.

  • Make sure that the cooling fans either the radiator or condenser are working perfectly. To check, make sure the AC is on
  • Debris like bugs, dirt, and leaves can keep the air from flowing through the condenser. Check the condenser regularly
  • Cabin air filters can sometimes be clogged. If your AC doesn’t blow cold air, then this might be an issue.

If none of these helped big time, there might be another reason why your car AC is not cold enough. Contact your mechanic or go to your nearest car care shop so an expert can check it. And if your car AC is completely busted, it’s probably time for you to get a new used car. Check out CarKeta for premium used cars. We are located in Orem Utah.

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