Stop, Look, And LISTEN: Top 5 Best Car Podcasts You Should Check Out

f you’re on the hunt for some great entertainment with little gold nuggets of car wisdom here and there, then you can never go wrong with car podcasts. Car podcasts are a great source of automotive information. Some are serious, while some served with a dash of humor. Whether you listen to it at work, at home, or especially while on the road. The only caveat with this type of podcasts, however, is that they’re tough to find. That’s why in this article, we have come up with five of the best car podcasts you should listen to. Do subscribe while you’re at it.

best car podcasts

Everyday Driver

There are car enthusiasts, and then there are the average car drivers. One thing that can get frustrating with car podcasts or even car shows is that the hosts and their guests use terms and explain things that the average audience wouldn’t understand. And that’s where the Everyday Driver gets in. The Youtube channel turned podcast Everyday Driver, hosted by Paul Schmucker and Todd Deeken, releases episode once or twice a week. Their show follows a non-complicated concept that everyone can easily listen to and understand. They tackle topics such as car news, and they also answer automotive questions from their listeners.

The Thongslappers

We’ll drive our way to the Land Down Under for our second-best car podcasts to listen to. The Thongslappers is hosted by Street Machine editor Simo Major and motormouth Redmond. The chemistry between the two loud, humorous hosts always creates a spark that you can’t see in most car podcasts you’ll encounter. If anything, their Aussie accent makes each episode more entertaining to listen to. Simo and Red are so entertaining they garnered themselves a large community on Instagram. Usually, they discuss Street Machine’s latest issue and current car news and updates. Once in a while, bring in car-minded guests to their show. Though they haven’t updated their podcasts as of late, their past episodes are available on their website.

best car podcasts

The Best of Car Talk

Have you heard about Car Talk before? The radio talk show that ran for 3 decades and won a Peabody Award in the process? This is the same Car Talk we’re talking about. Although Car Talk was canned more than 5 years ago, their legacy still lives on with their The Best of Car Talk podcast. Each week, they release and republish old episodes. Get to hear the two enthusiastic mechanics, Tom and Ray Magliozzi, talk and share car advice to their callers.

The Musclecar Place

Rob Kibbe has several car podcasts, and one of his podcasts is The Musclecar Place. If you’re into muscle cars and the awesome stuff that comes with it, then this podcast is for you. Perhaps, this is the most professional-sounding in this list of best car podcasts. Usual topics tackled include car movie and TV show reviews, insane car tips (e.g., tips on becoming a professional drifter), and tips and advice juiced out from his show guests. So if you want an intelligent insight on Knight Rider or want to enhance your driving experience, keep this car podcast a spin.


As an average car guy, most of us don’t have the luxury of appearing to many prestigious car events and races. But good thing there’s a podcast who could best describe you what it’s like to be there. CarCast is your go-to podcast when you want to hear some insider information about the most outstanding car events in the world. This podcast is hosted by Adam Carolla, Matt D’Andria, and Bill Goldberg. They also answer car queries from listeners and invite car enthusiasts to their show.

And these are 5 of the best car podcasts to listen to right now. Which of these have you listened to? Let us know. And if you’re looking for prime, inspected used cars to buy, Green Light Auto Inspections can help. Check out our list of used cars for sale by clicking on the link.

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